IGN - Gatling Gears Review

IGN - Gatling guns have been cool ever since Jesse "The Body" Ventura carried one around the jungle in Predator. Give a Gatling gun legs, and apparently you've got yourself a great video game. Gatling Gears treads familiar territory that may remind you of classics like Robotron and Ikari Warriors, but it hits all its marks and manages to stand out as one of the best arcade shooters around.

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Colmshan19903139d ago

Oh God, you know what?
I've decided that I'm happy the PSN store is down.
I've barely got €50 to my name and I'm struggling away at my exams (Nobody told me Biochem was this hard, isn't college supposed to be about going out? :P ).
I can't afford to be spending vast amounts of money on the games that are due to be released on PSN and shudder to think at what would happen to my revision habits if Outland and Gatling Gears are as good as they seem to be.
Then there's LA Noire, Brink, Mortal Kombat, Portal 2 and Virtua Tennis...
If they could time this so the PSN comes back on the day or day before I finish my exams I would be so delighted...
I know I'm being selfish, but I'm too weak-willed to stay studying. :(

Dread3139d ago

yep your right having PSN not working is very good becasue you do not have to buy all these games. Us gamers who have xbox live are stuck playing online and buying all thosae amazing arcades week after week. You are very lucky indead. /s

Colmshan19903139d ago

It's not like it's never happened on Live before.
It'll come back, just hopefully not until it can cause me to fail my exams! :P

Dread3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )


this has never happened in xbox live stop spreading the sdf bull

psn has been OUT for three weeks and counting and they stole the personal informaiton of over 70 million acocunts, including credit card info. don be a sony tool and try to be honest.



I am not trolling I am responding to a ridiculous coment and to a blatant lie.

if you beleive that psn being down is a good thing and that the same thing also happened to to xbox live you are a delusional fanboy, and just like Colsman you are lieing to yoursellf

and by the way I own a Playatation 3 and it pisses me off that they stole my data. I am not going to give them a pass just because I like the playstaiton 3 . The fact is that they screwed up. If MS had done the same thing I would not be supporting them like all u blind fanboys

maverick403139d ago

@ dread. you were the person who started trolling not him. So shut your fanboy ass. @Colmshan. I totally agree with you. I have college exams too, thank god psn is down!

Colmshan19903139d ago

Christmas 2008.
That's when xbox live went down, for over two weeks. So, yes, it has happened. Mind you, data wasn't accessed, which is a good thing. (But if you check my above comments, I said the PSN being down was good, nothing about the user data being accessed)
And to be fair, data was accessed or possibly accessed from the PSN. That is obviously bad.
But as so far, not a single person has actually had that data used, the theory that the data was not stolen but rather that there is one sad hacker who thinks he's 'the man' for breaking Sony's security for kudos seems to be gaining ground.
I said the PSN being down was a good thing, not user data being exposed. And it is, for me, when I'm sitting some tough exams in college.
Have you ever done Biochem? It's hard.
I did say I'll want it back the second my exams are over though, didn't I? I never said that it's a good thing for everyone. I said it was me being selfish. But it helps- one less distraction from study.

@maverick40 :P
Thanks for the support. I did kind of expect a response like that from somebody though, it is a rather selfish viewpoint that doesn't apply to anybody not in our situation, that I wouldn't need if I wasn't so bad at studying. But who is? :P

Good luck with your exams!

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