GT5 Prologue not true 1080p - upscaled

GT5 Prologue works in 1280x1080 and uses PS3 upscaling trick - by repeating some pixels in anamorphic picture to 1920x1080. So 50% upscale.(It's actually less than GT HD's 1440x1080)

1280x1080 and 2xAA
1280x720 and 4xAA
Confirmed by the same guy from Halo 3 resolution discovery (Quaz51).

"GT5 prologue demo is 1280x1080p (yamauchi know than in car game the vertical resolution is the most important for the visibility) but with MSAA 2x now ! it's a very good Compromise
they also very improved the display of grills and electric wires and aliasing problems (compare electric wires in GT-HD and in this demo, it's big big gap), the texture filtering is very clean and the HDR ligthing is awesome! All this in 60fps with 16 photorealistics cars, it's impressive the show room and the pit/garage is full 1920x1080 no AA"

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Meus Renaissance4016d ago

The demo was also full of jaggies and it just seemed incomplete in some areas. I do expect it to be full 1080p in the retail version with 60fps as the developers constantly made a big deal out of that.

Evil0Angel4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

i downloaded the demo from the japan PSN, and i tell you : the cars look uber ultra relastic.the tracksv need some work .(I HAVE NOT NOTICED ANY JUGGING )

GAMEPLAY: i will pick FORZA 2 any day any time over GT5P

so far i believe GT5 is not reason to buy PS3,however if you already have PS3 it is must buy.

@NASIM: i have PS3/WII/(2*360+HD-DVD) and decent laptop to play RTS.
ignored by 174 nuff said
nasim if you have PS3 what is your PSN ID ???

4016d ago
sonarus4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

explain to me why forza has better gameplay and please dnt say car damage cus am tired of hearing that. Does forza feel more realistic or do the cars turn better blah blah. Also i only noticed jaggies in the shadows which will be fixed before release i doubt the full game will be full native 1080p though it will probably remain the same as it is now. The game looks great better than anything I have ever seen.

lol random disagreers again. What did i say wrong is it not better than anythin i have ever seen tell me sumthin that looks better or did i not notice enough jaggies? tell me where they are so i can notice them.

jiggyjay4016d ago

"so far i believe GT5 is not reason to buy PS3,however if you already have PS3 it is must buy."

Well of course it is! In fact any game is a must buy for the PS3 since it needs games!

Mu5afir4016d ago

I suggest you all pick up a copy of GT and actually play it before commenting. GT is the pioneer of great driving games for consoles. Quit the idiotic bashing, it makes you all look desperate.

sagapo4016d ago

well, i've played both and, GT5 looks truly amazing, better then Forza, no need to bs over that. But i think Forza has the more realistic gameplay, and i'm not talking cardamage!! Im not saying GT playes like a arcade racer, surly not, Forza just got the simulating better nailed.
Lets wait and see what GT5 brings ( and not the demo's, prologues,...)

Mu5afir4016d ago

Did you just say, GT plays like an "arcade" game? Surly you didn't just say that. GT is THE CAR SIMULATOR, there is no if and or buts about it. I am sure you might had some memory relapse or mixed up your thoughts, because I am sure GT is anything but an arcade game.

This is exactly why I am telling people to actually play a GT game before commenting. Comments like "GT is an Arcade" game etc.. makes me wonder if you you all ever even tried the game out.

The Snake4016d ago

"explain to me why forza has better gameplay and please dnt say car damage cus am tired of hearing that."

Just because you're tired of hearing that doesn't somehow make it less relevant. Using that logic, any 360 fanboy could say "What makes the PS3 better and don't say Cell because I'm tired of hearing that" or "What makes PSN better and don't say it's free because I'm tired of hearing that."

gaffyh4016d ago

Could everyone get their heads out of their asses and realise that this is a demo? and only one stage of the GT5 Prologue. Plus who the hell puts up a forum post and calls it news???

Ignorant Fanboy4016d ago

He only has one bubble, so instead of creating a new account like every other fanboy, he edits his posts instead of replies.

He made like 10 bubbles worth of replies on one post, Imagine what this kid would be like if he were given 5 bubbles!

sagapo4016d ago

Where in hell are you getting that i would call GT an arcade racer???
I just said the opposite dumbass. Only Forza got it better.
Now read this and my other comment over and over, very slowly.
You get it now? good!

Gondee4016d ago

im not bashing anything, but since the cars take 6 months to make each, i dought ull see them go back and re model them to make them look better.

why did that guy post a 4 page long comment. No ones gona read it.

God forbid, he only posts it on every thread

ATLRoAcH4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Its a Demo.

aliveinboston4016d ago

GT5 Prologue demo vs competing software:

vs Forza2, GT5 Prologue demo has
-Twice as many cars
-50% higher resolution
-Far better lighting/shading
-Environments about equal, with more complex distant geometry but less complex foliage
-Far better car geometry
-Interior view (processor intensive)

vs PGR4, GT5 Prologue demo has
-Twice as many cars
-50% higher resolution
-Environments aren't quite as good (ugly as PGR4's foliage is, GT5Pdemo is worse in this regard)
-Far better car geometry
-Double the frame-rate(!)
-Much better lighting/shading
-Superior interior view

Overall, its easily the most technically advanced game/demo available for consoles.

What's funny is MSFanboys accusing sony of "lying" when Microsoft said all XBox360 games would be minimum 720P and 4xAA.

Which of Xbox360's big selling games match Microsoft's hype?

Perfect Dark Zero-Fail
Call of Duty3-Fail
Gears of War-Fail

In fact, dozens of Xbox360 games even advertise 1080P

How many are actually 1080P native (not upscaled)?

Answer: 2

Let's keep things in perspective before we go out trying to bash software for platforms we do not own.

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nevelo074016d ago

just like almost every xbox360 is really upscaled and not really native hd because of the built in upscaler inside the gpu of the 360, get outta here with this crap.

cloud3604016d ago

Well if GT5 proluge isnt true 1080p

Then the real GT5 will be

DrPirate4016d ago

Why do people keep saying they have jaggies?

I've seriously gone 2 inches away from my screen looking for them, and the only jaggies I've found are on the hood of the cars, and on some of the geometry in the backgrounds...

Mine looks pristine, I really can't complain about the graphics.

On the note of the news: I don't quite understand...It runs in 1080p, but has less anti-aliasing? It also run in 720p with more anti-aliasing? Doesn't it mean it can do both natively? Am I misunderstanding something?

Snukadaman4016d ago

"i've seriously gone 2 inches away from my screen looking for them, and the only jaggies I've found are on the hood of the cars, and on some of the geometry in the backgrounds"

well doesnt that mean theres jaggies then...??

FirstknighT4016d ago

What jaggies are they talking about???? I mean when I seriously stare at the screen, their are jaggies on the hood of the car, the back of the car, the tires, the car door, the mountains, the people watching the races, and the other cars....but other than that....THERE ARE ZERO JAGGIES! :)

Jandre024016d ago

It is only a demo though. Excuse me, a demo of a demo. But still NOOOOOOOO! Damn you GT5Prologue!

jack who4016d ago

bu bu bu but halo 3 was 620P