Play Call of Duty: Black Ops with Treyarch Today

Microsoft’s ‘Game with Developers’ events often prove as popular as the ‘Game with Fame’ occasions, especially with the increasing use of social networking sites allowing players to communicate with those making the game. The latest developers to join their audience on Xbox LIVE are Treyarch, currently preparing for their Game with Developers event tonight.

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Dart893137d ago

I would play this just to tell them how shitty they're game is and that they need to fix it.

spec_ops_comm3137d ago

Thumbs and bubbles @ Dart89.

This game is a complete shitbag. They wouldn't dare show their faces on PSN (whenever it comes back up) after how badly they fucked the PS3 launch.

MGRogue20173137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Holy mother of.. All of the gamertag's friends lists are full already lol

mathsman3137d ago

I reckon they knew that would happen - you can also send a game invite to get a game!

SockMaster3137d ago

I would respectfully criticise them over alot of things, So they can listen...And then ignore me...

MasterD9193137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I bet Treyarch will be playing on top of a mountain of used Microsoft point cards.

moeqawama3137d ago

Can we play E.T. the Extra Terrestrial with Atari?

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