Gamer's Corner: Skyrim Twitter Questions Answered

Gamer's Corner writes; PC Gamer magazine recently canvassed it's readers on Twitter for questions to put to Bethesda Softworks Game Director Todd Howard. Read on to find out the questions that were answered including.....

"Are there any ideas from the modding community for Morrowind and Oblivion that have influenced the design of Skyrim?

Yeah, the Oblivion mod “Better Bows”. It made arrows more powerful, more likely to kill in a single hit, and balanced it by making it slower to draw the arrow back in the first place. Skyrim takes that pretty much wholesale, and the demonstration we saw had a lot of bow and arrow action."

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RedDead3133d ago

Nothing really new here...Still good to get a second confirmation on the Bow thing.

bjh0893133d ago

stupid questions wow!!!!!!