PlayStation 3 40GB Spider-Man Movie Pack available for Pre-order

The PlayStation 3 40 GB model is now available at retailer for pre-order. The model includes the Spider-Man 3 Blu-Ray movie and is set to release on November 2.

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unrealchris4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )


crazy250004017d ago

it has hdmi dude...all of them do, they arent m$hit

nasim4017d ago

no model of x360 has HDMI 1.3 support

1.3 tansfers the data at 2x the speed

It has Blu Ray drive

It has wifi....It has free online

PLUS it is 3x/5x as powerful as the x360

CyberSentinel4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

1/10 of the games. How can you so called "gamers", call yourself gamers on that MovieStation 3 package? They are so desperate they have to throw in Spiderman (should of been Titanic!) WITH a $200 price reduction!? Isn't it interesting that they include a movie, and not a game? Compare the 360 game review scores to the ps3 anywhere. See for yourself. That says it all.

@1.4: Does it make you feel better to call me a loser?
You must be a real winner butthead, oops....I mean Beavis.

Blind Lemmings, Your NOT Real Gamers.

beavis4play4017d ago

if you are saying that a gamer can't do or like anything else but games then your life is an isolated, empty, sad existance. and this makes you a loser.

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neogeo4017d ago

A fanboy like cyber will never be real gamer. I love my PS3 and its my baby. As a true gamer I also Love my Wii and I love Halo3 and Bioshock, Mass effect, Uncharted, Ratchet and clank, Mario, Smash brothers, DS, PSP and so on.

A true gamer loves games no matter what system its on. A true gamer has more fun because he/she enjoys a big library of games instead of just waiting for 360/ps3/wii games.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it cybergirl.

CyberSentinel4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

Quote: "Wii is right 4 me" and "PS3 for blueraY"

1) The Wii is Not a gamers machine. (unless your below 12yrs old)
2) You don't even mention gaming on the PS3!!!

But then again your not a gamer.

P.S. When you address me, do it beneath me (where you belong)
Did you think I wouldn't see it?
Did you think I wouldn't reply?

Blind Lemming, Like I Said, Your NOT A REAL Gamer.

HarryEtTubMan4017d ago

STFU cybercynical.... a.k.a BLOODMASK. Get a life loser the 360 has released its "great" games so enjoy them! Many and I mean MANY games are coming the PS3's way and expect to see it more and more this generation. A real ,smart consumer/gamer doesn't fall in love with a 35% defective system with onlt sci fi space shooter unless he about 16 which I'm sure you are. The 360 doesn't appeal to the mass public and keep telling yourself that but Halo and its 2nd year sales have already proven that. PS3 will win. Everyone knows and feels it even if they dont say so. Go plug in ur little HD DVD add on LMAO and relax and watch a movie... or play Halo3 in 640p. I don't really care just stop trolling the PS3 pages life ur going to chage somebodys mind or something. The 360 is going to lose I GUARANTEE YOU.

PimpHandHappy4017d ago

if my PS3 broke and i needed to send it in when MGS4 came out i would buy this bundle. Then atleast i would have something in common with the 360crowd. I will have bought more then one of the same system just because i needed 2...

thing is i will never need 2.....


neogeo4016d ago

that 90% of what I say is either BS or flame bait. Truth be told this site bores me but im addicted for some reason. so don't quote me.

Sevir044017d ago

i'm so anxious to see whats gonna happen on the 2nd of November coupled with the already true price cut of the 80gig. october and novemeber will be interesting and december will be tell all when the demember NPD for NA comes in January. should be a tale for all. i predict all 3 consoles selling well especially Wii and PS3. i think the 360 will sell well because of Halo, but this christmas with big games like Ratchet Haze and uncharted on the platform already released with proper marketing Sony could have a clean sweap through with quality sales. I'm excited christmas is always a cool time of year. with the weather and the games for all platforms i cant wait. and I myself will be having a blast with the slew of games coming out for the next 2 months. quality quality quality

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