Why the loss of WoW subscriptions should not be news

VGW's Jen Bosier: Once boasting nearly 12 million subscribers, Blizzard now reports they have a mere 11.4 million subscribers, a loss of roughly 5%. While this certainly carries a significant dollar value to it, should we really be surprised at this drop in a game that is nearly seven years old? Oh yes, World of Warcraft launched in November, 2004. That it is still continuing to thrive as well as it does it testament to the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the Blizzard team.

But maybe this is a sign that gamers are ready for a change. A real change.

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UNCyrus3140d ago

Congratulations, you're making it news again by publishing this article... #Facepalm

killyourfm3140d ago

Maybe you should read it?

JD_Shadow3140d ago

Maybe we've already read it ten million times before!

killyourfm3140d ago

That's right, this is Headlines For Gamers. People don't care about actually entertaining the notion of a fresh perspective.

HolyOrangeCows3140d ago

WoW has/had to reach it's peak eventually.

a08andan3140d ago

Well they will have to do something to keep the players. SWTOR and possibly Guild Wars 2 is releasing this year and I think they might "steal" a lot of the people who plays World of Warcraft today.

tigertron3140d ago

A mere 11.4 million subscribers? that doesn't sound bad to me.

mrv3213140d ago

That's only 11.4 million consumers pay $10 a month... how ever do they afford things.

soundslike3140d ago

The 5% started the long road to recovery by smoking crack every time they think about logging on.

C_Menz3140d ago

I don't think they are worrying to much. They are already most likely developing WoW's successor, whether it be WoW2 or a massive upgrade that revamps the entire game graphics/gameplay wise and carries everyone's information over.

11+ million players are a ton and as the slowly start to drop and move onto other games I think we will start to hear rumors of the next "WoW" from Blizzard...but right now there is no need for Blizzard to start talking about it since they can keep cashing in on WoW for at least another 2 years.

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