Uncharted NGP might not be a launch title after all

There was a lot of buzz online after developer Scratch Image announced that Uncharted will be an ‘NGP launch title’. Now Scratch Image have posted an update on their website that they “had (and currently have) no official information regarding the actual release date, or release time frame, for the game”.

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Misterhbk3134d ago

I still say it'll be a launch title, and not just because I want it to be.

Sony already stated they wanted to have an amazing launch lineup and they've been talking to devs for a long time.

I believe this game has been in development for 2 years now? With NGP not coming til Q3 or Q4 that will be nearly 3 years.

MasterCornholio3134d ago

Exactly games for the NGP have been in development for quite a while now. So i expect some great launch titles for this handheld.

norman293134d ago

Well as the NGP will no doubt come last to the UK many months after everywhere else im sure it will be out by then so should be a launch title for UK buyers :) *crosses fingers*

miyamoto3134d ago

Knowing Activision, Call of Duty will more likely be a launch title than Sony's Uncharted

RJLC3134d ago

Yeah it would make sense, but I think the devs would know if their games were in the launch line-up already as they would have a short amount of time to complete the game.

extermin8or3134d ago

Im confused who is developing it? Sony bend had it have the devs been switched? or are bothe of them doing it the article made it sound like sony bend were out of the picture

RJLC3134d ago

Scratch Image are working along side Sony bend

extermin8or3134d ago

Oh ok thats good I have faith in sonybend not so much in scratch don't know their work that well :p

Sevir043134d ago

Mafia 2 and bioshock 2!

strifeblade3134d ago

i knew it was not going to be a launch title

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The story is too old to be commented.