Where in The World is GTA Heading To Next?

So, it looks like information about the next instalment of the famous Grand Theft Auto series may be ready for release by Rockstar. Rockstar have done very well to completely cover up the next GTA game, leaving GTA fans like me thinking, “What’s coming next?”

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BigKev453137d ago

This article doesn't bring anything new to the table sorry.

Maddens Raiders3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Grand Theft Auto: Abbottobad.

Play as bin Laden's courier Hamji, being hunted by the CIA and Black Operators or play as an undercover CIA or Black Operator hunting Bin Laden's courier Hamji. (the cars would really suck, admittedly but make up for it by cranking the ai up to maximum)

Exclusively on the Playstation 3®.

ManBearPork3137d ago

You know what would be the best about that game?
The courier had to drive for aboout 90 minutes before he even put the battery in his phone.

So we won't get the focking phonecalls from whiny cousins and shit!!

HeavenlySnipes3137d ago

Not everyone is a gungho American ready and willingly to play a Osama death reenactment. I want to go back to Los Santos.

Tony-Red-Grave3137d ago

well anyone whos played GTA:BoGT or LaD knows that the game could very well go back to SA or VC.

did you know that VC was just south of LC? i remember hearing about it in one of the stations/channels i thought they'd be further but their not.

lazertroy3137d ago

GTA V needs to massive im talking at least 3 times bigger then San Andreas because GTA lV was a let down scale wise.

Caleb_1413137d ago

lol wut? GTA IV was huge - much more fun to drive around than miles of desert.

HeavenlySnipes3137d ago

I felt that I spent more time driving and stuff in GTA: SA than GTA IV. It didn't feel that big to me.

NukaCola3137d ago

GTA IV was a giant city and there was only 5 or 6 buildings you could go in. That is why I really loved Red Dead so much. You could go in almost evcery building. I hope GTA V is more open. I want cities(plural), towns, country, islands, make it friggin huge.

3136d ago
Kran3137d ago

Where in The World is GTA Heading To Next?

Ahhh I see what you did there xD

rabidpancakeburglar3137d ago

I want GTA Glasgow. It would be great because there would always be some sort of gang coming after you

Playstationer3137d ago

@BigKev45 this more of just article of what that particular author thinks, as to what could happen for the next GTA Game. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.