GRTV: Infamous 2 Presentation - User generated content.

GR-UK: "What has Space Invaders got to do with Infamous 2? Everything it seems, if you've the mind to create the arcade classic in Sony's exclusive title, thanks to Sucker Punch's latest addition - user-generated content. In this last part of its presentation, the dev talks pushing the mission choices to infinity."

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Emilio_Estevez2715d ago

Awesome vid, really looking forward to this.

TheLastGuardian2715d ago

I don't normally buy collector's editions but I think inFAMOUS 2 is going to be such and amazing game that the Hero Edition is a must buy for me.

xepfeon2715d ago

i was at the show in copenhagen....

Oldman1002715d ago

Holy crap buddy needs to pop a halls. Other than that awesome video.

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