Gamer Euphoria: Grumpy Gamer & Gears of War ''the best cast in video games''

The Gears of War franchise is voice acted well enough, but it’s hardly voice acting you would put on par with say Uncharted and this is yet another reason why Rod Fergusson’s claim is easily discredited. Gears of War franchise will be remembered for the violence and for being one of the 360’s big hitter and most certainly not for its story or characters

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Ser3136d ago

Mr. Fergusson needs to play more video games.

undercovrr3136d ago

Yes he does Jimmy, yes he does

Tilian3136d ago

Somebody actually argued that?

Linko643135d ago

I know the guy was joking in a way but at the same time there are people who try to say that Gears is deep in story and character devlopment which just isnt the case and thus this a reply to them as well.