The Harsher, Deadlier Dark Souls Is Also A More Beautiful Horror Adventure

KOTAKU: There's no mistaking it. Dark Souls is as much a Demon's Souls sequel as we're ever going to get, at least any time soon. It's the more beautiful Demon's Souls. It's the game more willing to run wild with its unique brand of twisted dark medieval fantasy.

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SnukaTheMan2814d ago

Im hoping the basics of monster hunter are in dark souls.......building weapons...mining ores...creating potions...ect.

rdgneoz32814d ago

Yah, play the first game, Demon's Souls. You do craft weapons, but you don't go mining or or creating potions. Ore drops from creatures and food that gives you hp or removes poisons and such drop from creatures as well. Also, its not gonna be as forgiving as Monster Hunter.

SnukaTheMan2814d ago

when i get my ps3...thanks for the info I will be pre ordering now for the collectors edition.