New Dark Souls Screenshots Creeps Out from the Darkness

Following yesterday’s announcement of Dark Souls’ release date in all three regions, Namco Bandai revealed new screenshots today.

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Stewie2k82719d ago

The screen of that giant colossus thing and the knight looks seriously awesome! already pre ordered my limited edition copy :D

BlackTar1872719d ago

where did you pre order the limited edition one?

Stewie2k82719d ago

I got it from

Shane Kim2719d ago

Hope it won't be held back by the 360.

v1c1ous2719d ago

yeah. demons souls was such a graphical behemoth and took up a such a massive amount of space on a blue ray ( 7 gigs) that i hope the 360 doesn't hold it back.

i mean its not like from software doesn't have more experience on 360 than ps3.

tetsuhana2719d ago

I think you just proved his point...

RedDead2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Graphics have taken a decent leap from the original. Just a little bonus to this great game imo

@kim....Demons souls was hardly pushing the bar was it? This one is said to be bigger in scope too along with the better graphics. Obviously the Xbox isn't holding it back. This game is a pure video game, it's value lies in how good the game is, not in it's technical prowess


How would the 360 hold it back? you are being held back by redundant pre-conceived ideas.

Jocosta2719d ago

Yep, that argument is so very very tedious, because aside from a few exclusives they are on par graphically. And while playing Demons Souls I never once gave a crap about graphics, because I was having too much fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.