Bone-idle : PS Move from Laughing stock to Game Changer

Bone-idle writes "Sony had to respond and in what seemed like a concept they had just slapped together, the Move was born, the initial on stage display introduced the motion controller to the world and to say it underwhelming is an understatement. What seemed like little more than a Wii controller with a glowing orb attached was shown off and while the features show remained very basic, the show ended with everyone very much in the belief that it was a bit of a joke and would be little more than a brief gimmick to cash in on Nintendo’s market"

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Emilio_Estevez3140d ago

May not be ahead of kinect in sales, but "the hardcore" seem to prefer move over kinect. I do.

LOGICWINS3140d ago

Yeah..but don't "the hardcore" seem to prefer the DS3 and 360 controller over EITHER Kinect and Move?

zootang3140d ago

Nothing wrong with choice my friend.

BoneIdle3140d ago

For online i use the controller only because ill get my ass handed to me other wise, but in solo campaigns the Sharp shooter is amazing. It really adds to the game rather than just being a fun side piece.

LOGICWINS3140d ago

^^Yeah, thats why I havent gotten Move yet. I play online ALOT and I don't feel like getting owned because I'm using Move. I hear people get better when they use Move online..but I hear the exact opposite from others.

BoneIdle3140d ago

It has plus's and minuses, i find it harder to turn and look around but my accuracy is off the chart good with the move. So much so my head shot ratio looks like it was tampered with lol

LOGICWINS3140d ago

Honestly, it seems like something that would work better with 3rd person shooters. I'd buy Move in a heartbeat if UC3 or Starhawk supported it.

Imagine doing Melee with Move in UC3. That would be sooo worth it!

Joni-Ice3140d ago

It all depends on the game for me Logic. I used the Move for KZ3 and recently got the platinum. However I use the DS3 for Socom 4 singleplayer.

BoneIdle3140d ago

Even the on rails Dead Space extraction game was very good with it and i usually get bored with on rails shooters.

Only problem with 3rd person shooters can be judging the cover, ive often snuck up on a guy thought i could shoot him but just shot the rock in front of me giving away my position lol !!

guitarded773140d ago

I have both Move and Kinect and at the end of the day I'm gonna use a regular controller for hardcore games. I think the motion controllers are better suited for multi-player party games like bowling and stuff like that. All that said, I prefer the Move and my wife likes the Kinect... I'm a core gamer and she's a casual gamer. I think the move provides a more accurate and less stressful gaming experience and the Kinect has the fun factor but less precision.

Emilio_Estevez3140d ago

Yes, but that's not what we are talking about...The article is kinect and move only. Did u read it?

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banjadude3140d ago

I still need to get a sharpshooter, to complete my Move set!

math3140d ago

I don't think the "core" gamers are playing with motion controllers. Motion Controllers are for casuals who think they are core gamers.

B1663r3140d ago

Huh??? I just enjoy being able to wave my hands around to pause movies when I am not playing games. It is really nice not having to grab the controller.

claterz3140d ago

Yh because if you're a core gamer you have to be using a pad and only play shooters...

Hardcore gamers can use motion controls, and it doesn't make them a casual gamer. Well if it does, I don't care, I'll still play with Move because it's fun!

maddfoxx3140d ago

Some of the PS3 games are pretty good with move. I actually makes heavy rain a challenge to play and Killzone feels like it works better with the move. I can't to play No More Heros!

BoneIdle3140d ago

Yip i played Killzone through once with dual shock, once with move then 3 times with the sharp shooter and its by far my favorite controller method.

jneul3138d ago

lol try telling that to lots of us who converted to move with kz3 its just so much better than a ds3 and you get completely owned by move players, move is here to stay get over it

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BabyTownFrolics3140d ago

I still dont use MOVE as much as I would like, I am looking forward to that no more heroes game

Silly Mammo3140d ago

I use the Move/Nag for KZ3 and while I'll never say I dominate in the game. Usually, I do end up one of the Top 3 players on my team at the end of a map.

I never understood the turning problem that others have had. I did do some fine tuning with the controller options though.

Tired3140d ago

I think software:hardware sales for the kinect speak volumes.

I have 15 move or move enabled games-some great some terribly mediocre...but the tech works.

I do like the look of gunstringer tho...not enough to warrent a new console purchase.

Bring out a few more killer apps and maybe I'll be sold.

I am happy to be won over to the dark side but Alan wake/Limbo
is not enough...pull your finger out microsoft x

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