Shannon Posniewski is leaving Champions Online

Shannon "Poz" Posniewski, the main person behind Champions Online that made this hero based MMORPG a free-to-play title, has announced departure from Cryptic Studios. In a recent news post available on the official Champions Online website more details on this theme can be found. Also to add, Rob Overmeyer has been announced as the man that is going to replace Mr. Posniewski and will continue to lead Champions Online game in future.

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Psychonaughty3129d ago

Played it when it became free, took me 5 mins to realise it was a seriously crap game that I wouldn't play even if they payed me. What the hell were they thinking releasing such utter drivel?! I can see now why the Marvel mmo (which was being developed by Cryptic) was cancelled, Marvel must of seen their work and cancelled the project immediately.

I'm surprised they weren't able to beat cov/coh, they were shit too but still...