Uncharted 2 made us think 'we have to be vastly better' - Sucker Punch

inFamous 2 producer talks inspirations and upping the game.

Standing alongside names such as Uncharted, Resistance and LittleBigPlanet in the Sony exclusive garage has done nothing but spur Sucker Punch on when it comes to developing inFamous 2.

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Active Reload3135d ago

I'm sure UC2 has inspired a lot of devs.

50Terabytespersec3134d ago

I am sure as an exclusive devloper ,they have connections with Sony in-house and can leverage some of the technical resources and data to help with the complex rigorous orders of SPU and GPU design to help make a game that can outclass most Other console multi-platformers?

It's well known this is how Sony got so far with these brilliant next Gen titles of late.

LOGICWINS3134d ago

"Uncharted 2 made us think 'we have to be vastly better"

Good, I wish all devs for action/adventure games felt that way.

Sevir043134d ago

Amen! Uncharted 2 really flipped the industry on it's side! No one was expecting it to be that amazing!

banjadude3134d ago

I still get chills when I see their [old] E3 conference on-stage demonstration.

redDevil873134d ago

Whats Uncharted 3 going to do then ;)

Inzo3134d ago

Build a bigger trophy cabinet?

sorceror1713134d ago

BTW, to head off a flame war - I don't think he was claiming they were trying to be better than UC2, so much as better than I1.

icewater853134d ago

I hope they are trying to make a better game than U2. Competition makes for better games.

sorceror1713134d ago

Better *game*, sure. But I didn't express myself clearly - when Fleming referred to U2, he was talking specifically about graphics.

I2 is an open-world game, and *can't* have U2-level graphics (though I'd love for someone to prove me wrong). But judging from the beta, they've got better graphics than I1 or any other open-world game I've seen.

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The story is too old to be commented.