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GS Writes: Welcome back to the Gamer Sheep podcast. This is our 19th episode and we’re still talking about the PSN chaos. Only this time I’m calling most of you idiots.

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Dsnyder3133d ago

I can tell from the pic alone that this sucks.

cochise3133133d ago

Yeah the pic is quite immature. When can we ever get an article that doesn't poke the stick at others?

Fishy Fingers3133d ago

It's a podcast, they desperately try OTT headlines or caption images to get some attention. Standard.

NobleGamer3133d ago

What is this? I don't think I'll waste time listening to that.

otherZinc3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Actually every single one of you guys hating never listened to these guys, period.

They're the biggest SONY fanboys on earth. They just tell the truth about gaming & where its going 98% of the time.

One of the guys on the show always gets into it with me because I prefer 360 & his preference is all things SONY.

Listening is a skill few people have. I listen to a bunch of podcasts & this is one of 4 podcasts I listen to the entire show.

the worst3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

boring ass podcast bottom line

JackBNimble3133d ago

ya , I tried to listen to it and had to shut it down, I couldn't taken it any more.

ZBlacktt3133d ago

Yep, didn't even care to click...

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phoenixdown3133d ago

>looks at picture

yeah, garbage article again.

cyborg69713133d ago

God grow up. What's with the lame PhotoShop pics.
If your a good writer who can explain your story while implementing your view you will get hits.
However when the general population of this site see a pic like this we know its not worth a click. Because they are falling back on a gimmick to get hits rather than talent.

Dead_Cell3133d ago

Nobody pays attention to Gamersheep. Less people pay attention to Podcasts.

the worst3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

i said this once b4
this is the worst podcast ever
we all know the psn is down old news
a bunch of silly fanboys
what a bunch of trolls
boring couldn't even finish listening

ZBlacktt3133d ago

lol, at screen name to post.

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