Why you should not make your mind up about Brink just yet

Brink, the game by Bethesda, has been highly publicized and it does seem to be bringing a new take to the over-saturated first person shooter genre. However, as reviews are starting to pour throughout different outlets on the internet, Kickarss thinks users might hold off on trusting these reviews, let alone buying the game.

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Scyrus2719d ago

game is lame, give it up


agreed! what a waste of time.

BabyTownFrolics2719d ago

brink has a community on the 360 and the PC, and it may have one on the PS3 once PSN is restored. It is a game many shooter fans have been waiting for, a game that emphasizes teamwork over k/d ratios. I understand that it may not be your cup of tea, but there is no reason to act like the game has no value.


its worth 20 pound in my opinion sorry but everyone has there own opinions

antz11042719d ago

Agreed BabyTown,

The Quake Wars style of gameplay is so far removed from modern CoD/Halo/Killzone shooters that this is going to put a lot of people off, and a lot of opinions will come from folks that have or never will play it.

Having said that I think the game has a very solid community for people that like that style of game and want to try something different. I personally am having a blast with it.

the_best_player2719d ago

Looks like a really bad game.

HenryFord2719d ago

Of course - that may be your opinion. I on the other hand really like the game and it's mechanics. The team-focus and the objectives are really great... The only shit thing is the "escort"-part.

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kneon2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Bulletstorm and Singularity also had fair bit of hype before release, where are they now? This could turn out to be just one of the many shooters recently that failed to live up to the hype.

I think there is really only enough room for a handful of shooters to do well. The rest will come and go rather quickly.

HenryFord2719d ago

mhm...dunno about you, but both are very enjoyable games - Bulletstorm and Singularity. Agreed - there are not "Full-Price" games, because they are WAY to short to cost >50€, but still - I would call them "good" nevertheless.

kneon2719d ago

I wasn't commenting on the quality of the games, just on the low sales and lack of lasting impact on the market.

Warprincess1162719d ago

Im still waiting for a demo. If they don't release one, this game is gonna flop.


reviewers get the game usually 1-2 weeks before it is officially released. the reviews have embargos which mean they cant talk or discuss the game until the date of the embargo, which is usually the release date of the game. Not enough time to review a game, i had the game for a week before release, plenty of time to review a game.

Speakindatruth2719d ago

If you play it on the PC, and you have at least an entry level card, this game is somewhat a major success and still continues to sell strongly. Other than the fact that the game still crashes on start-up for some very basic entry level cards (256MB DDR3 GPUs and some 64bit processors) the game will run on a tower with an entry level card. The game is wonderful on the PC.
The classes may seem unbalanced and all that--but they're not really more unbalanced than those who claim they're "unbalanced" on CoD. Really, in the end, it doesn't really matter--once you're level 20, every one is balanced. Heavy body types do take more damage, but the additional size makes him a bigger target, run slower, and way easier to kill--and with more bullets pumped into the big guy, it's much harder to see with all that blood on the screen. Medium body types just feel like your regular ol' run of the mill FPS--and you can see even if you're low on health. Light body types are swift, and easier at avoiding bullets for sure--though their bodies can't handle too many shots. The game is almost as fast paced as CoD, and it's very entertaining. I played the PS3 and 360 versions of this game and hated it. But the PC version simply works.

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