With Sony PlayStation Network Still Down, Users Start To Get Angry

In today's fast-paced, 24/7 society, three weeks is nearly a lifetime.

That is how long millions upon millions of users of the PlayStation Network have gone without the service. And if fan forums and Twitter is any indication, they are starting to get angry about the whole ordeal.

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Dart893136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Rage much???

@Below which is pretty much sad i wonder how these people would even survive in yesteryears of gaming when they're was no online play they probably commit suicide:D.

Uncharted3Goty3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

some people cant live without it

Reply added @ Dart i 100 percent agree lol it seems all they care about is online its been like only 3 weeks and there already going crazy lol i am sure some one got killed since it wont offline ( JOKING) .

zootang3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Meanwhile people would like to play games with their friends online. I haven't been able to do this for 3 weeks and I am starting to look at alternatives (buying Fifa 11 for PC). I'm sure a lot of people with more money have already found alternatives.

This can not be good for Sony. People just want it back. No harm in stating frustrations. I miss the PSN and my PSN buddies as do a lot of people.

3136d ago
Fox013136d ago

"which is pretty much sad i wonder how these people would even survive in yesteryears of gaming when they're was no online play they probably commit suicide"

Different times, different mentalities dude.

Dante1123136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I don't have the money to buy an Xbox360 and if I did, I still probably wouldn't with the way Microsoft has been pushing the motion control gaming (not too interesting in motion control gaming). I guess I'm just gonna wait for the PSN to return this week.

Edit: Lol @ the disagrees for me not buying an 360. @ below, I see.

pocketaces113136d ago

@ Dart89 & Uncharted3Goty

I don't even think it's about needing to play online. I think society as a whole thinks they are owed something from everyone. The su you generation as I like to call it. All these whiners who have never lived without online gaming think that because they can't do it the world owes them for their loss. It's getting out of hand if you ask me. People need to be happy for what we have. We in Canada and US and many other countries are soooo lucky and we take that for granted it seems. So when something doesn't go exactly how we want it too we think we have the right to just go crazy and demand all this stuff we don't deserve.

On top of that there really is no consequence for complaining or even over-exaggerating/lying about our personal situation because this medium gives us no way to prove what said person is saying. These forums are VERY quickly becoming useless because we can't tell what's true and it's hard to have a civil conversation because too many fanboys jump in and just say whatever they want regardless of fact to back up their purchase.

I'm not angry at anyone but whoever did this Sony does not want this to last any longer then it has to and have no reason to delay this except to make sure we & they are protected going forward. Although I wonder how protected anyone can be it would seem to me with these systems if someone is good enough there is always a way thru.

NiKK_4193136d ago

Kayla is only saying things like this to make ps3 fans look stupid, believe me she is most definitely not an actual ps3 troll, she's probably a 360 or Wii troll

JD_Shadow3136d ago

While I can see why some people are getting tired of immature brats that whine all the time, that happens on both sides. Don't need to say that it's just one side of the coin that does that.

Thing is, though, there are people, like me, that have become genuinely sick of the whole thing because they see that Sony is pissing around with the whole thing and just want them to give us something concrete. No matter how much blame the hacker(s) will have for bringing the system down, it comes on Sony for not having the systems necessary in place (no, Apache being up to date is not the only thing that was wrong, and no, that doesn't necessarily fix the problem nor was it the only thing discussed in the hearing), and focusing their legal battles on the OtherOS situation, something they themselves created, rather than doing anything worthy to fix the real issues. I can understand that it will take a bit of time, but not with so much negligence or so much lack of transparency and keeping people in the dark.

We're ALL blaming hackers for bringing it down, but that doesn't mean we should be screwing over consumer rights, whining that the media is calling Sony out for this (and while I agree that there's more of that then there needs to be, that doesn't mean they shouldn't call them out at all, and they certainly should here), and for them taking forever without even a hint as to why they have to!

Dee_913135d ago

well i been angry since day 1
no need to keep beating a dead dog
its nothing we can do
but find alternatives
I for one and the rest of the world who arent gamers that doesn't even have a clue about any of this going on .. will keep on living life .. its summer theres a lake up the street and some hot 18-20 year olds in short shorts
i can live without psn and gaming for awhile :)
id advise you all stressing over this find something to do ..

pixelsword3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

I look at it one of two ways, depending on how I feel:

1. If I look at it from the multiplayer aspect, I also play PC games, so I've never been not playing online if I wanted to.

2. If I look at it from the weeks offline perspective, I try to look at it as if I forgot to pay last month's XBL and it will be on next month, once I mail them a check; then I realize that I don't pay at all, so it's not such an outrage if something that's free is not available to secure itself and in the process remain free.

Then I eats me a cookie.



Biggest3135d ago

When did a free service become a consumer right? Stop making up stupid excuses to hate what you already hate. Sony isn't "pissing around" with the issue. They are fixing the issue. If is that big a deal to you, sell your PS3 to me. I could use another.

Death3135d ago

PSN isn't a free service. It's the gateway to paid content Sony uses for their online business model. Sony isn't doing anyone a favor by allowing users to access pay content for free. Online match making occurs through PSN which is not charged to the users, but this is just a small part of PSN.


badz1493135d ago

should be the other way around. 3 weeks felt like nothing! I don't realize it's already 3 weeks without PSN at all! time is flying!

hetz153135d ago

have been enjoying steam in this last couple of weeks, and playing nba 2k11 also. that game is so addictive.

vickers5003135d ago

"PSN isn't a free service. It's the gateway to paid content Sony uses for their online business model. Sony isn't doing anyone a favor by allowing users to access pay content for free. Online match making occurs through PSN which is not charged to the users, but this is just a small part of PSN."

Good luck trying to convince the majority of people here of that. Most of them believe that Sony is simply doing charity work and is doing this because they're nice, not realizing that they're just like any other greedy company out there.

Biggest3135d ago

So the PSN is a gateway to paid content? I don't see how you're trying to change the wording and meaning. The PSN is a free service. You CAN spend money if you want to. You do not have to spend money EVER if you so choose. Don't try to make the PSN seem like the other alternative out there. Sony IS doing everyone a favor by allowing everyone to access their paid content for free. The alternative is paying for access to your already paid for services. Of course you know this already and are trying to use this opportunity to make what you hate seem like something you already subject yourself to. The PSN is a free service. Period.

Death3134d ago

"Paying for access to your already paid for services"? I can honestly say you lost me there. Both Xbox Live via a free silver account
and PSN give you access to pay content. There is an entire online business model for both companies. A gold Live account gives you access to premium content much like PS+ with obvious differances. Microsoft offers "premium" online gaming with a more refined service for a fee. I'm pretty confident we can all agree paying sucks, but atleast Live still offers a little more than free PSN access does.

As for your comment about me hating PS3 or PSN, you can't offer that as a blanket answer for anyone not thrilled with the system or it's online offering. I want the system and gaming to be better. That is my opinion and one many gamers share. If you want to burry your head in the sand and offer excuses on why things should be ok the way they are, that's your opinion. At the end of the day only one of us is trying to offer suggestions on how to make things better. I'm not sure the hater should be doing all the work. :)


Biggest3134d ago

Can you play online games with Xbox Live Silver? That would make it the same model as PSN. We are talking about the PSN being down not because people can't spend money on new games and content, but because players can not play their games online. Therefore, I am speaking only about the online gameplay offered by the PSN. Xbox Live Gold allows you to play online with a fee. PSN allows you to play online without a fee. It is free to play online with the PSN. That is free. That is the main issue with it being down. Players can not play their games online.
I do not agree that Xbox Live Gold offers $60 worth of yearly content that PSN does not match or exceed for $0. To each his own in that case. My original point is that people should not feel anger about the PSN being down. It is a privilege in every sense of the word. Sony built it. Sony maintains it. We use it free of charge. Even the digital content displayed for purchase on the PSN is a privilege. Most of it can be purchased elsewhere for the same prices. Sony decided to keep the marketplace in tact for a more streamlined purchasing experience. I understand what you guys are saying about business models and such. That does not change the fact that the PSN is free for all to use and should not be included in the whole "consumers rights" crap that some members here like to spout off about.

Death3134d ago

PSN is not just "free gaming" though. If I can't sign into PSN, I can't play DCUO which I pay $15 a month to play. Sony has been nice enough to extend my time 1 day for every day I have missed after I cancel my subscription though. I'm still not sure how all this "free" time is going to help me after I quit playing, but atleast it isn't nothing.

I do see what you are saying though. Since Sony is giving PSN access to everyone as a favor, they should have low expectations. To want anything better is just ludicrous.

I don't want to pay to play online. With that said, if Sony can offer me secure online play with the same emphasis on total integration and community play, I'll gladly pay $50 a year for it.

PSN+ subscribers probably have a little reason to be irked too. So yeah, thank God Sony graces us with free PSN. Too bad it's kinda screwing us subscribers.


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flankhim3136d ago

I think they already started!

Uncharted3Goty3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

it has i have seen it on the news People are killing each other from a new Diseases NO PSN sydom it is the number one cause now LOL.

Note i put LOL these was a joke no one should take my comment serious it was a funny reply to what flankhim said

Tony-Red-Grave3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

everyone has a right to be angry with sony but that they want to go online and play with their friends, myself included, but doesn't mean they have to wine and moan day in and out.

look at how most people deal with it buy a 360 game on that with your free onth till psn comes back or upgrade your pc and game on that .

psn isn't the only online gaming service smh

your comment was down right retarded people are entitled to their feelings on psn and their in the right for being mad on it being down so long.

edit: also ment to add since psn went down ive been getting throphies on MK learning new combos and using my pc more

Enate3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Exactly Zootang I agree an in all honesty the oh its just x amount of weeks shrug it off can't continue. I would hope people actually expect things to get done in a reasonable amount of time. If not for us then for Sony's sake. I mean we are talking about a company that was on the verge of pushing past its competition. That had a year head start and then this happens.

@Tony-Red-Grave If I wanted a 360 I would of had one already. An outage gives me no excuse to waste money. On things I did not want in the first place. An though I do have a gaming PC my primary source of online gaming is my PS3. I prefer it for the majority of the games that I play.

Even picked up BC2 on PC when the steam sale was on. Though it makes me realize all to fast why I didn't get it in the first place. For one getting spawn trapped on a huge map. In a 20 yard area in your own spawn for 10 minutes plus or so is never fun.

claterz3136d ago

"i wonder how these people would even survive in yesteryears of gaming when they're was no online play"

Wow that's completely different, in this generation online gaming is standard and in most games it's where the re-playability is. People are angry because of the way Sony are handling it; updates every 3 days, and a crappy "welcome back gift" which seems like a marketing strategy. I mean 30 days of PS Plus, great! Now I can download some great games and then within weeks, they'll be gone.

pocketaces113136d ago

They don't owe you anything for the downtime so wake up. PSN is something the PS3 gives you access to it does not come with your system purchase any more then internet access comes with it. It is a marketing thing true and you tell me Microsoft and every other company does not do things like that. Netflix does it and then start charging your credit card if you forget to cancel... does that make them losers too. You can now try it out free and see if you see the value rather then say no based on what other people have told you. On top of that if PSN out longer they may very well sweeten the pot but until that happens no point in whining about it. Yes you can download games free try them out maybe get some quick trophies and then yes you loose it .... I don't see the problem for 30 days of downtime you get 30 days (I'm just throwing up #'s to illustrate) of games you could play before without paying... I don't see a problem with this.

Is this ideal god NO but it's not the end of the world... you still have food on your table and fresh water to drink and no war going on in your country life is good enjoy it.

Max_Dissatisfaction3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I hate this stupid arguement. Should all games then be SD because the games of yester year were all SD? Thats a retarded thing to say. Times have moved on and what was acceptable in the LAST generation is not enough now. Whats the point of progression if people are going to say improvements don't matter because 10 years ago they didn't exist.
Hey lets all live in caves because our ancestors did it and they seemed happy...who draws in caves unless they are happy right??
Just face it, the only reason you're trying to reason this away is because YOUR favourite console can't go online right now.

Bladesfist3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Most console games are SD however are scaled to HD.

WitWolfy3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

I totally agree with you, Just might as well take away all their HD consoles too the way these guys are talking, they didnt need HD consoles 7 years ago, why do they need them now?

Lets see them bitch and moan then. things people have to understand is, its not the fact that its offline thats makes it so frustrating but the Idea of having YET another feature removed for God knows how long

NobleGamer3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Looking forward to the free stuff and the improvements of PSN guess its worth the wait :D

Also looking forward to syncing trophies too lol

Morgue3136d ago

I'm looking forward to the end of these stupid articles. Can you imagine if N4G was a 24 hour news channel and everyone that posted on here were commentators?

John Kratos3135d ago

Don't have to imagine just turn your tv on to Fox News.

Soldierone3135d ago

I know. I've been trophy hoarding since it went down. When it finally syncs my facebook friends are gonna see my 100 plus trophy achievements lmao.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

I wonder what people did back in the 90's where online gaming didn't exist?

No one knows the extent of the damage done to PSN or how hard the technicians are working to get it back up. I want it back up as much as the next person because Blazblue CS2 came out and I want to try Platinum.

But getting angry isn't going to get it up faster.

When are people going to start blaming the damn nerds that brought it down in the first place?

Morgue3136d ago

Back in the 80's & 90's we would go to friends houses or the arcade.

Soldierone3135d ago

Nope. Why?

-A majority of games have taken out the split screen aspect, and the ones that do venture into that realm only go as far as 2 players. We haven't had games like Gauntlet, 4 player 007, Bad Fur Day...etc in a while.

-Half the developers are just as focused on online as we are to playing it. So we get half arsed single player experiences with missing key features. Look at Socom...

HacSawJimThugin3135d ago

I wonder what people did back in the 90's where online gaming didn't exist?

Friends spent time at each others houses gaming together...even tho those days are gone, there are great single player experiences that people tend to over look because of online enabled gaming.

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FamilyGuy3136d ago

@ Dart

You're comparing people who had something nice get temporarily taken away with people who never had it to begin with. This is more comparable to loosing your internet.

In either case I'm not angry, just more bored :/
I don't even play games that much, in the last year I've been using PSN to video chat with people around the world who had at least one common interest (gaming). I miss that connection to PSN buddies more than anything else really.

pocketaces113136d ago

You are not gaming much but talking to people around the world about gaming who are not gaming either I assume... No offence but that's like talking about driving a car but not doing it. Kinda boring as well

Skype still works BTW... for now :)

FamilyGuy3136d ago

We played games too, I said "that much" because the majority of my time was spent in VC or even popular text chats.

You meet a lot of people when text chats are labeled "Invite everyone on your friends list" and things like that. People you'd never end up on the same gaming servers as since most servers are country specific.

TBM3136d ago

I have a lot of important stuff to worry about in my everyday life then to get all angry about not being able to play most of my games online.

Im an occasional online player so this isn't upsetting me in the slightest. It will be back when its back, and sony will just have to work harder to show that they can come back from this setback.

Jacobster3136d ago

I was considering getting my N64 out with Goldeneye! Or use my 360. Imagine if we were on the "onlive" console and everything went down, EPIC FAIL!

Rettom3136d ago

When you're used to something and it gets taken away, what do you think happens? It happens with all things.

MastaMold3136d ago

Whoever those people are then they need to get a life because I am also waiting for PSN to be back online but i'm being calm about it

KidBroSweets23136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Not everybody is 12 years old. Most gamers were a part of the "yesteryears" of gaming and there was no online gaming on cosoles to worry about so it was easy to live without, seeing as how nobody even thought about it back then.

I'm tired of Sony always saying "we appreciate your patience and sorry for the inconvenience". I'm curious on where they are getting their information from cause I know that no one is patient about this situation anymore and I'm sure 80% of users are thinking this is taking too long and especially without an official date of this being over with and back up.

damnyouretall3136d ago

god its not like its never coming back or somethin. go chase women or if youre so fkn bored do something like start another hobby. i used to have a blast before there were online video games.

OhMyGandhi3135d ago

how about people actual start playing the single player portion of their games now?

I crack up though, because I have both a ps3 and a 360, so I will be always be online.

*cue evil laughter*

xtremeimport3135d ago

the day I actually get angry over not being able to play online is the day I will tell myself I need to get a life. Now if I paid for this might be different(except if it was a paid service they would clearly have to compensate for the down time)

cannon88003135d ago

They are trying to fix the problem guys. There's nothing we can do about it. Causing more problems and complaining is only going to make things worse for ourselves. I know there are many businesses and game-reviewing websites and people that aren't getting payed because they can't fully review ps3 games and content from psn because it's currently off line, but complaining and telling Sony to hurry up isn't going to work. Blame the hackers and instead of aiming your anger to Sony, aim it towards the hypocrites that did this to Sony.

joydestroy3135d ago

in the "yesteryears of gaming" we would've survived because SP was more heavily focused than MP. some of you old skool kids like myself are forgetting how much the industry has changed in the past 20yrs...

gman_moose3135d ago

Where are these communication emails they talk about. Since this started, I've been seeing comments referring to sending out emails to the customers indicating what has happened, and that they are sorry. I haven't received one email. Nice communication Sony.

For what it's worth, I bought a 360, but not because PSN was down- because the 4GB model was on sale for $130, and it was too good to pass up. Lost Odyssey kills any turn based RPG for the past 2 generations now. I have no problem saying that as someone who played FF1 when it first came out. It is what FFXIII should have been.

napalmbrainmusic3135d ago

In other News . . PSN is down :/

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user83971443136d ago

The truth is yeah Im pissed.

3136d ago Replies(3)
xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3136d ago

Omgz i have NO PSN Syndrome :( probably from the lack of uhm,,, PSN,, HURRY SONY!!! X) I wantz to own Newbs on CoD again XD

saladthieves3136d ago

You need to calm down. I'm sure if you were in their situation, you wouldn't want to hurry and mess things up, then deliver the service half assed.

--------3136d ago

Sarcasm: Black didn't know how to do it in the first place.

Aarix3136d ago

wow....I dont know where to being with this statement.

tawak3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

me,angry!!ps3, no online, week 3, me wait long time.

RAmar1013136d ago

im pissed at the downtime but not at sony, id prefer them to make a secure psn before re-booting