Could Brink Defying Call of Duty Conventions Be Its Downfall?

Brink is a game that prides itself on being “not your average shooter” that breaks away from many conventions to create a new and fresh first person shooter experience. That, in a way is very true; it shines a new light on what had become a dull and stagnant genre and gives a new meaning to the phrase “running and gunning” with its SMART system; however, I feel that its adamant insistence on being as un-Call of Duty-ish could eventually work against it.

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trainsinrdr3350d ago

no its development will be its downfall

maxcavsm3350d ago

Jesus, I don't get the hate. Understand the lack of servers, but it's still such a great change of pace from Black Ops.

TheStonedSheep3350d ago

I'm really looking forward to a shooter with some originality.

byeGollum3350d ago

I love the idea of free running ... that is all that interests me .. but I just got Crysis 2 :/ and PSN is still down .. :( .. I dont want to own too many shooters ...

Shmotz3350d ago

Reading from the title:

Nah, the poorly executed but great ideas were its so called "downfall". I do hope sales warrant a sequel as I could see a Brink 2 being awesome.

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