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DeviateFish3345d ago

I'm sorry, but all this MW3 "information" is getting a little silly.
Would the box art, and as in an earlier article perks and weapons, really be revealed/leaked before the title has even been announced?

X-DominusRebellis-X3345d ago

Whoa talk about BC2 et al. rip off!

NobleGamer3345d ago

MW3 is going to be huge....Battlefield 3 going to have a huge challenge.

MoveTheGlow3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

If it wasn't the real thing, it would be quite an astute mockup, as a ton of market research seems to have made this happen. If the legalese between Zampella and Ward and Activision really bars them from making another "Modern Warfare" title, they probably brought a ton of gamers in to see what would be the most recognizable title substitute. MW does the job, make it brand-recognizable night-vision green, you've got Modern Warfare without the words.

The MW3 abbreviation seems to sidestep Zampella/Ward doing any type of litigation over IP infringement - with MW3 together, it's not even completely concrete that it describes a sequel. To the courts, it would be really hard to make the case that they sold this as "Modern Warfare 3," or even "Anything 3." It could be a code (P.N.03?) or whatever.

Now watch as they totally sell it as Modern Warfare 3, and I'm wrong. Heh.

Maddens Raiders3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

except for losers who love generic glitchfests - who the hell cares?

Fil1013344d ago

this isn't mw3 cover.

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Paragon3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Looks... okay... Kinda looks like the rest, so maybe it is. Haha

blumatt3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Well, of course it's gonna be just like the rest. People buy the hell out of CoD games, so they're not about to change it. I personally wish they'd build a new graphics engine for the game, as well as bring the gameplay back to the original Modern Warfare (CoD4). That was CoD heaven, whereas the following iterations slowly dove down into the depths of Hades, gameplay-wise. More and more "cheap" and "noobish" gameplay elements were brought in, such as overpowered shotguns and the Commando perk (where you can knife people from ridiculously far distances).

This game will sell well, but I won't be contributing to its sales, UNLESS they bring it back to its roots and the gameplay is like CoD4 again (which I highly doubt is going to happen).

Takoulya3345d ago

I love how you actually think that CoD 4 was balanced at all. Sure, it was better than the others, but still not really. Have you really forgotten about the M16's one burst kill? Or the MP5's ridiculous overall greatness? Or perhaps the terrible 5 v 5 Sniper battles in public lobbies because of the one shot kills with no disadvantages? The game was also unbalanced. It was a twitch shooter to the core, requiring barely any intellect other then map memorization. And, just like all of the Call of Dutys, it was usually the P2P Host who would win most, if not all, gun fights should the players be of equal skill.

blumatt3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Yeah, I forgot about the M16 and MP5 being a bit overpowered. But, still, I'd consider CoD4 the best of the next-gen CoD games by far. Yeah, there were some downfalls, but overall it was just the best one, in my opinion.

joydestroy3345d ago

i'll have to agree. i think CoD4 was the best, with MW2 coming in second. after that i'm not sure why i kept picking them up. i guess hoping for something better than than what the last had to offer.

X-DominusRebellis-X3345d ago

^^^ This is N4G and your opinions are wrong! Just kidding I agree with you both.

Takoulya3344d ago

I agree with CoD 4 being the best of all the Call of Duty's, but I still dislike the franchise in general.

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CaptainMarvelQ83345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

The walking man,the gun,the sparks below,the green title

yup,that's it
same old,same old

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