PSN Outage Ruining “The Year of the PS3”

"Well, this was supposed to be it: the fabled “Year of the PS3”, where Sony closed the gap between its console and the Xbox. Since the launch of the PS3, Sony has been playing catch up and trying to keep up with the Microsoft."- Shanghai Six

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Fir3truck3135d ago

It will still be remembered as the year of PS3 but not for teh right reasons.

TheStonedSheep3135d ago

Hmmm, this will be a bit more than a blip on the radar for Sony, but on November 12th it'll be the Year of the PS3 no matter what.

Chuk53135d ago

This shouldn't just be a blip. It's almost been a month since it went down. The whole service is down and that has gimped countless developers sales-wise.

maxcavsm3135d ago

What? Highly unlikely. This year is over for PS3, and with the BS NGP and tablet nonsense they're on about, Sony's has really blown it.

PureDarkness3135d ago

November 12th? :S GDC China? Day after Skyrim? :S

TheStonedSheep3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

@Puredarkness Day after Uncharted 3 hits, my mind will have to dump what happened previously in the year just to fit in how awesome it's going to be.

@maxcavsm, I can't wait for the NGP, what are you talking about?

darthv723135d ago

this will die down faster than it started once they turn the service back on.

Who3135d ago

@ TheStonedSheep

I'm pretty sure Uncharted 3 is releasing on 11-1-11 -> November 1, 2011 unless they changed it after the first trailer.

TheStonedSheep3134d ago

@Who Yes, I specified the day after.

TheREAL-HyDRo1x3133d ago

i am sick and tires of hear about the year of the playstation, i have been hearing about that bull ish since back in 2008 it didn't happen then, it didn't happed the next 2 years after, its not going to happen now... go ahead fanboys give me 100 disagrees for speaking the truth... not hating i love ps3 my favorite console but this is never going to happen...

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Pillville3135d ago

from article:
"attempted to mimic Microsoft’s online network, Xbox Live, with Playstation Plus"

Wrong, wrong, wrong.
PSN is mimic of Live? yes
PS+ is mimic of Live? no

PS+ is a discount club, with a couple of other features thrown in.

maxcavsm3135d ago

Yup, PS3 is in trouble. They're talking May 31st for the relaunch.

ChilliDemon3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

No, they're talking May 31st for FULL SERVICE restoration. Parts of PSN could well be up before then.

(Edit: .. and "YES", I am trying to convince myself of this.)

banditgoon3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

yep, sony was handed this year on a silver platter but this outage has allowed gamers to look at what the competition is offering. sucks for Sony, but hey PSN users did not ask for a month of downtime.

People are willing wait for a service to come back up, but when three weeks has gone by dont be shocked at all the gamers backlash.

another thing, online gaming on the PS3 is not free regardless of what some talking heads want you to believe. The cost of PSN is built into the console itself, therefore gamers have a right a bitch when something they pay for doesnt work.


The Psn outage is unfortunate but the 'Year of better games than the previous year' can and will continue.

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The story is too old to be commented.