Splash Damage not worried about Brink's community

British developer Splash Damage isn't too worried about Brink finding an online community.

In an interview conducted with last month, Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood, said "we're certainly finding that, when you look at the data online, we're starting to feel pretty confident about [Brink] doing good."

"You say 'where's the community for it?' Our forums, they have like 900 people on there at a time. Our live chat channel has 100 people in there, chatting. We have 174 comments on every news post that we stick on our website. We're on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube - we're basically just everywhere."

"I think we have our own community, and we're not super public or above the radar about it. But it isn't something we're definitely worried about."

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TomInc2811d ago

The hype surrounding Brink before reviews, and even now as they come out was insane. I think the active forum alone says a lot for the games community, whilst not vast and cult-ish like some larger franchise followings, it's still a community!

ddurand12811d ago

i hope to join that community at some point this summer.

joydestroy2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

i guess you don't like TF2

i hope they bring more maps and modes as DLC. i know the game is objective based, but capture the flag and team deathmatch would add A LOT to the game

edit: at below, you're likely right, but it would still add a lot more to the game to cover both bases, you know? just seems like a good idea but i doubt it as well. just a wish for me. capture the flag would be awesome! that's an objective...

DevilishSix2811d ago

I doubt Splash Damage is going to change Brink into deathmatch type game with DLC. If anything is released I feel confident in saying it will continue the team objective style.

Headquarters112811d ago

I'll get it when its cheaper and the PSN is back up. Looks fun

joydestroy2811d ago

it is fun. someone commented yesterday that you could reach top rank in 4hrs... well that's not true at all. i'm a level 7 and i played for at least 4hrs last night. i couldn't put it down except for a 30min break

ApexHell2811d ago

played it for 7 hours and am only level 11

joydestroy2810d ago

wow 7hrs!? yeah, see whomever said you could rank completely in just 4hrs was clearly delusional and/or trolling

trainsinrdr2811d ago

it might revolutionise the fps genre but other companies could have done a better job

Active Reload2811d ago

If that was the case then they would've done it.

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