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This weekend on Gamertag Radio Episode 291:

*Listeners Comments
*E3 predictions – Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo
*Sony Damage Control
*Brink or L.A. Noire?
*Brink Audio Review by David2Sly
*GTR App update and E3 2011 Coverage Details
*Fan Question
*Which company has the potential to have the best E3 press conference? Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft?
*Kinect 2011 games

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AAACE52808d ago

There will be a lot to take in. Especially with the unknown stuff! Wonder what the shocker will be this year...

Maddens Raiders2808d ago

Sony of course. Best hardware, best 1st party titles, married to the most innovation = Win. I can't wait.


NGP launch (hardware and software highlight), some new PS3 exclusives and more exposition for those announced/known we don't have many details about (Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, Agent, Starhawk, Journey, etc) and PSN back and upgraded (showed in a good light, maybe coupled with some new services and promotions) Sony actually can't loose...

Considering all the negativity for them within the media right now (they are focusing too much on Sony and will be more closely covering Sony's conference) any positivity will be blow out of proportion... Not that Sony can't deserve the "prize" (I actually don't expect any surprise from MS and Ninty will only win in my book if Project Cafe is really awesome), but the media will glorify it anyway.

jeseth2808d ago

If this PSN mess doesn't get resolved MS and Nintendo are going to have some major ammo going into their E3 presentations . ..

They can go on and on about having the "most secure" online gaming consoles.

. . . I hope PSN gets fixed because I really don't want to read that crap for the weeks before and following E3, I'd rather read about how Playstation wowed everyone with their awesome games.

Hisiru2808d ago

Nintendo or Sony

-New Console (and games)
-3DS games
-Vitality Sensor

-NGP games
-New PS3 exclusives (there are like 20 games to show lol)
-More move games.

karl2808d ago

sony always amaze me with its exclusives

but nintendo has the best chance...

it depends on how original their next console is though ... it the wii2 or whatever its call fails to impress its sony for sure.. no one can compete with soo many games..

Dart892808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

I say it's between Sony and Nintendo.

Edit:You got Nintendo that's going to talk about it's new console and then you have Sony that's going to talk about the NGP.

Mike134nl2808d ago

Definitely Nintendo. A new console combined with some new games for the 3DS,Wii and maybe their new hardware.
Second Sony, because they most likely will be showcasing their ngp and a slew of exclusives.
Microsoft last why? simply because they will talk about gears of war kinect games added xbox live functionality (skype) etc.
At least that is what I would expects who knows what the 3 companies might have hidden up on their sleeves.

Les-Grossman2808d ago

It won't be Sony if Online Gaming is not back up before then on the PS3. That will kill any momentum Sony might have had

Yangus2808d ago

I say.


SuperStrokey11232808d ago

That looks about right to me too. Nintendo has got to be way out ahead as they have new hardware coming. Sony and MS would normally be fairly close but given all the issues sony has had lately and people awaiting NGP details that will keep them above MS this year. MS will likely have an all round good conference, show a couple new core games and skype and more kinect stuff. Should be an excellent E3 for all.

Fishy Fingers2808d ago

Nintendo, they have new hardware (not a peripheral) and it's software to show. Which should technically be the most advanced in the console domain.

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