Why Talk Of a HD Nintendo Console Almost Makes Me Sad

-Gamefront- Whether you like it or not, the Wii has had a positive impact on gaming, and not in the strictly financial sense. Although it’s true that third party games haven’t had a great time on the system, and it’s largely become a dumpster for lazy ports and cash-in waggle games, there is something very special about the Wii that ensured my support – the fact that it was technically inferior to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Seriously, I think its lack of horsepower was an inherently good thing.

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ChickeyCantor2812d ago

"Without HD graphics hogging development time, money and disc space, studios can make their games longer, larger and deeper."

Its ben like 5 years now. These developers have High-end development tools to increase productivity.
And longer does not mean better.

I'm just not expecting RPG's to be 6 hours long....then we have a problem.

NobleGamer2812d ago

Hmm Zelda and Mario in HD = Mind Blown

ChickeyCantor2812d ago

Not sure why anyone would disagree with that...sure mind blown maybe not...but its sure interesting to see what art direction they will take after seeing Super Mario Galaxy.

BlmThug2812d ago

Sorry But Our Mind Was Blown With Xbox 360, PS3 & PC back in 2005-2006. Wii2 is going to to do old tech so not mind blown just a meh.

soren2812d ago

longer? but it don't seem seem games are getting longer just shorter these days

sickbird2812d ago

i hate playing wii on an HDTV it looks blurry. Thats one of the reasons i hardly use it.

Venox20082812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

buy component cable for wii , 7 dollars

VonAlbrecht2812d ago

7 dollars and it will still look like crap. I hope you like jagged edges!

ThatArtGuy2812d ago

I have a component cable and the Wii still looks horrible, muddy mess. A less muddy mess, but it's still a muddy mess.

N4g_null2812d ago

DLP or LED with post processing was the only way to play the Wii. Yet you can just get the new system. Problem solved.

sickbird2812d ago

yea i have those, still looks like crap.

amilio2812d ago AHTso&feature=related

somethingstrang2812d ago

Yea, shovelware is definitely a positive impact on gaming. Also, the Wii's hardware doesn't just limit graphics. It also limits the size of the levels created, and anything else that requires fast processing. That's why you don't see GTA games on the Wii, because it's impossible for the Wii to process the streaming. What you end up is highly linear games, or very small open world games because that's the limit of the Wii's hardware.

ChickeyCantor2812d ago

With that perspective, the HD twins are limiting PC games.

Sad but true.
I rather see creative and ingenious games ( not saying all Wii games are and there are non on the other 2 consoles ). So I will not be bothered by "graphics" or stuff like that. If its fun, its a 10 in my book.

Venox20082812d ago

I think if Ps2 could play GTA:san andreas and others.. Wii could too

N4g_null2812d ago

You could get GTA like games on the wii problem is every one was shooting for HD out put. Tons of wii games are long as hell. It seems like your assuming a lot more than you should but any way the new system is coming.

In response to the article you can still use Wii dev kits on the new system also. You dont have to use all of the system to make it look good or better than nintendo first party wii games.

Venox20082812d ago

There is many truth in author's words... I really don't want that many Cafe's exclusives would be grey/brown etc. I wish great art style like on Wii + updated graphics, physics.. I don't ask too much, Ninty, do I? :)

..and yes, NEW METROID!!!! :) + Mario, zelda, kirby, DK, Pikmin, eternal darkness, no more heroes, madworld, warioware .. and other ninty's exclusives.. + remakes of good games.. and multiplats along with Ps3/x360 :)

ThatArtGuy2812d ago

I'd like those, but I'd definitely would like to see new ip's from Miyamoto.

HardCover2812d ago

I disagree with just about everything that author said, to be completely honest.

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