A Comprehensive List of People Who Are Ruining Halo 3

1PStart's JW has compiled a list of nine groups of people on Halo 3 Multiplayer who just taint the game experience for the rest of Halo 3 players:

1.) "Swordsmen"
2.) Rocket Whores
3.) "Laser Lovers"
4.) Children
5.) Campers
6.) "Hip-Slingin' Snipers"
7.) Achievement Whores
8.) Deserters
9.) Heavy Breathers

"Now there are, literally, hundreds of different categories for which to lump gamers into. This list deals exclusively with those that, I feel, taint the game for those of us who are on to have a good time. Those groups of players who, no matter what, you just can't stand."

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MK_Red4019d ago

Nice article but children and campers the worst IMO. Campers are the worst thing in any multiplayer game but some games like Counter Strike actually encourage it :(
The deserters are also terrible.

PimpHandHappy4019d ago

its one trend i hope comes to a end.

You have acheivment whores on warhawk also. PPL that try and get the one badge and dont do a dam thing for the team. I caught one guy sitting in a snipers nest for 10min of a zone. I look and he has no kills. I run up there and tell the dude to move or im going to start killing him. I run out to a zone and get killed. I come back and he is still there. My rambo knife takes him down and a few ppl on the team say thank you.

ASSASSYN 36o4019d ago

Team killer. Hypocrite. You get both.

Omegasyde4019d ago

seriosly pimp what gives you the right to teamkill?

He bought that game just like you and if he wants to play the game like you want to, he should to.

Team killers are the worst however and you just lumped yourself in that category.

If don't like how your teammates play, join a freaking clan.

PimpHandHappy4019d ago

its how u counter it is what makes u good.

Ignorant Fanboy4019d ago

We had a camper in Halo last night, he was sitting in this room with a Plasma Sword, when we walked in, he would kill us with one hit.

After about three times, we quit going in that room, at the end of the match, he only had a few kills, because none of us fell for it more than twice.

P4KY B4019d ago

The best way I deal with them is to agree to whatever they want. Then once they meet up in the centre of the map kill them all with a couple of grenades.
Quite often they will quit at that point.

Bnet3434019d ago

they want to get achievements in lone wolf, so i agree with them, them i kill them, but then they all send feedback, but I send feedback for system tampering

Wii60PS3DSPSP4019d ago

Rename this article "Waaahhhh this is a list of all the things owning me because I blow at this game!"

The only things that ruin the game for me would be the leavers and team killers because they affect the game. Complaining about weapons is just an excuse.