A Change with the Times

"As time goes by, I notice more and more changes in my lifestyle. Some of the biggest things I notice occur in my entertainment choices like video games. I do not know if it was the having kids or just the fact I am getting older that have brought on these changes, but what I do know is that it has caused me to expand my horizons so to speak."- Jatosin

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Fir3truck3130d ago

God I hate getting old.

maxcavsm3130d ago

Amen to that. Well, at least I'm smarter than these whippersnappers out there today.

Fir3truck3130d ago

I don't know about that the stuff kids in grade school are learning I didn't learn to late in high school.

TheStonedSheep3130d ago

Really good article I think, an honest look at some peculiar signs of ageing.

I'm glad to have a good 20-25 years before I start writing stuff like this ;)

ian723130d ago

He's only 30 years old. He's still fairly young really.
I'm 38, nearly 39 and enjoying gaming online and offline more than ever now.

JATOSIN3130d ago

Yeah I still enjoy gaming online and offline, I have just noticed some changes in the way I game. BUt it is getting harder to be competitive the older I get.

ian723129d ago

I do get where you're coming from, I just think you're still quite young. I play using more tactics now, which helps with been competitive.
You still have plenty of gaming years left in you yet.;)