Tomb Raider 2011 - Mission Types, Puzzles, and Gameplay

SegmentNext - "Crystal Dynamics took the inspiration to reboot Tomb Raider franchise from reboot of Batman Begins. Considering Lara Croft will undergo the same transformation as Bruce Wayne did as a protector of Gotham City".

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AAACE53134d ago

I'm glad they are making a lot of changes, but I hope they really get the gameplay right! The gameplay in TR games has always hurt it a bit.

stu8883134d ago

I agree mate

Obviously the PS1 tomb raiders were revolutionary but ever since the Tomb Raider film came out they have been shite in comparison.

What made the earlier tomb raiders brilliant was the sense of isolation when you were alone in those caves/tombs. I remember not wanting to ever holster my pistols just in case!

I hope this Tomb Raider can restore the franchise to its former glory and get away from the PG cartoon approach of the tomb raiders recently.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME3134d ago

good comment, i was about to think otherwise, but you convinced me to not to. thanks

St03134d ago

Looking forward to this, hope they show some gameplay at E3

Kurisu3134d ago

I'm also looking forward to this. In the past I have watched people play through the Tomb Raider franchise, but I've never played it for myself properly (just helping out on bits when people got stuck). I'm definitely going to give this game a shot.

C_Menz3134d ago

I've read a bit of previews about this game, and they have me interested in the game. I never really enjoyed the previous tomb raider games(the ones on ps1/2) but they were decent. This one is shaping up to be something very different from most games releasing in the foreseeable future.

Nice to see the direction they are going as from what I can get out of the previews it looks like they are focusing more on the story, setting, and Croft herself and not loosing much on the typical puzzle side of the game. Think I will probably end up buying this game if it turns out to have a lengthy SP(no 4-6 hr crap).