Why are there no good Bible games?

VGW's Chris Totten: Several months ago there was a quiet buzz about a Bible-based MMO that would be released online. Based in the time of Abraham, the game featured Age of Empires-style building and resource management. While novel in concept, the game received below-average reviews. While it is still active and seems to have attracted some attention, it is far from a mainstream success. This, unfortunately, is considered to be one of the higher quality pieces in the relatively small library of games based on Biblical stories and imagery. We have games like Assassin’s Creed where killing (admittedly crooked) clergy is encouraged, but there are very few successful games where religious figures are examined by allowing players to experience their stories. Bible games, such as those created for the NES by Wisdom Tree, have traditionally been pretty awful, but does it have to be that way?

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Convas2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

I've wondered that too. There are so many epic, violent, passionate stories in the Bible that you could have a hayday if you were actually serious.

For instance, Ehud, assassinated King Eglon (Can't remember where, probably in Judges) by cloaking his dagger on his left cloak side instead of his right because palace guards always searched the right.

Eglon was so fat that when Ehud knifed him, the knife DISAPPEARED into his fat and the wound started bleeding fat and fecal matter. Assassin's Creed a la Bible anyone?

People say the Bible is fantasy, and whilst I don't believe that, video games are almost ALWAYS about fantasies. So using my powers of logic and reason, I see no reason why we don't have more Bible based video games.

LOGICWINS2719d ago

Agreed. The Bible has some of the most awesome stories out there...even though most of it is probably exagerrated B.S.

captain-obvious2719d ago

religion in general is a very VERY sensitive subject
SO no known / popular studio is insane enough to do it

let alone players just want to have fun not learn about religion when they play games

i mean thats why schools and books for

LOGICWINS2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Well, I think Assassin's Creed 2 did a GREAT job of educating/entertaining gamers with a great plot that had action adventure blended with the corrupt history of Italy. After I played the game, I actually looked up info on the Borgias..VERY interesting stuff.

I feel that you CAN enjoy a game as well as learn from it.

LOGICWINS2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

"So why do people buy into this shit?"

Thats the question that I've asked myself for while. Its hard to explain why a seemingly logical person can believe in ressurections and magic powers. Its probably the same reason Hitler got millions of people to believe that Jews were an inferior race and why blacks were viewed by the majority of the country as subservient to the white race at a point in time:

Weak minded people.

the_kutaragi_baka2719d ago

Can you prove that? Do you have anything that would support the idea for the existance of magic powers?

Bible is not an answer.

theonlylolking2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

@logic wins
You probably would have gotten mostly agrees if you only said"The Bible has some of the most awesome stories out there."

@logic wins other post below
"women however could be stoned to death simply if they had sex outside of their marriage." That was jewish law back then.

Catholics would make a HUGE crusade(not as bad as the one hundreds of years ago)

On topic
There are no good bible games because there are not any good devs actually making them. Most of the time it is these games that involve answering questions. If you had a game that you could play the events like the wars in the bible that would be fun.

It also would probably be rated M or A because a bible video game would have blood, gore, intense violence,strong sexual content, suggestive thems, nudity, simulated gambling, violent references, and strong language.

Esena2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

"most of it is probably exagerrated B.S."

Ughh, I am glad everyone on N4G is a theologian. Tell me, how much time have you actually spent researching, reading, laboring over these things? Or did you just hear it from somewhere and are just reiterating stuff you personally have no experience with?

If so, then you are the one with the weak mind. You arrogant moron. So quick to judge a group of people that would eat you alive in any scholarly debate.


From where did you get your Phd? Stop reading conspiracy non-sense books and actually do some research. The top non-believing scholars affirm the accuracy of Scripture and the truth of its history. Seriously, if you aren't trained in these issues, you shouldn't comment. You all (those who claim to be experts on this) sound extremely stupid.

If you guys are the future of the opposition of Christianity, the need for apologetics will quickly dissipate.

Edit: @LOGIC I apologize for calling you an arrogant moron.

afterMoth2719d ago

The bible is home to some of the best fictional writers in history. I'm not sure most of it holds up today but still it would be fun to have croissants (aka manna) falling from the sky to refuel your energy.

I'd love to have to puzzle solve and figure out how to get out of the cave on time to be able enjoy easter. Rapidly tap the a and b button fast enough to be able to run on water (need a rapid controller probably). Catch all those fish with Kinect. Some QTE's for the Adam and Eve scene ;

ProjectVulcan2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Live by the 7.62mm multi barrel heavy machine gun however and everyone else dies but you :-)

Lesson endeth

Redrum0592719d ago

@Esena well said, well said. ppl act like theyre historians now a days.

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Cardenjs2719d ago

Too many factors to ruin it: if you glorify the violence of the Bible then you get backlash, Then you have the historical accuracy which is very different compared to the "common knowledge" idea of everything (like the catholics always portraying Jesus as white).

You'll have pastors telling people (the exact group youd target) not to buy the game.

There simply is no winning.

LOGICWINS2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

"You'll have pastors telling people (the exact group youd target) not to buy the game."

Who cares? Fox News won't stop me from buying Mass Effect and Medal of Honor games...why would I listen to a pastor?

Cardenjs2719d ago

You do understand that most churchgoers will do whatever their pastor says.

But for the Fox News thing they essentially says "SEX, THIS GAME HAS IT, so thats why you sho_*click*" and thats how that plan backfires.

LOGICWINS2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

I have many friends that go to church and STILL play violent videogames, drink, smoke weed, and watch porn. The reality is that MOST people go to church because thats what they feel is expected of them. If people TRULY wanted to live according to the letter of the Bible, then MOST parents wouldn't want their children to use condoms..since condoms stop the flow of semen, hence wasting God's gift of a possible child.

Also, according to the Bible, men could have as many wives as they wanted...women however could be stoned to death simply if they had sex outside of their marriage.

Does that sound like a world you would want to live in? A world where half of its inhabitants have STDs and women are treated in such an unfair way?

FlameBaitGod2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Just because you go to church doesn't mean ur a catholic, christian, mormon and etc.

"Also, according to the Bible, men could have as many wives as they wanted"

You really need to know about things b4 you talk about them. Tell me, which bible says that ? Google it up fast

"If people TRULY wanted to live according to the letter of the Bible, then MOST parents wouldn't want their children to use condoms..since condoms stop the flow of semen, hence wasting God's gift of a possible child"

lol you really don't know what your talking about.

Non_sequitur2719d ago

@ Logic
You use the Bible as an authority for your argument but it is clear you haven't read anything about the subject matter that you brought up.
There were never any laws written that promoted polygamy in the Hebrew Scriptures. It was tolerated until Jesus made the first law against the practice in the Greek scriptures. Punishment for adultery was as harsh for both men and women. An unmarried woman who had sex with an unmarried man had to marry the man she had sex with. With respect to condoms, nothing is written against them because they didn't exist. That is a matter of conscience.

TheDivine2719d ago

UM im no einstien here but if people only had sex in marriage there would be no stds. The bible isnt magic iether its a historical account that even islam and jews confirm the only difference is christians believe christ was truly sent by God. For a guy w logic is his name ur not too bright or logical. What if ur wrong about this? What then?

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Ahasverus2719d ago

I doesn't matter if they portray fantastic or realistic stories, either of both have great potential, it's something the medium hasn't explroed yet.
Of course there is El-Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron an that's a great first step. it's a (apocrypha) biblical story adapted in a exciting new way (and of course it looks amazing). Can't wait.

MariaHelFutura2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

I don`t think people would like a game about molesting children.

But, seriously it blows my mind how uneducated people are about what their involved in. Gaming has more to do w/ my belief systems than Christians (Crysis, Deus Ex, MGS, ElderScrolls, LBP, DMC, ME, GOW and countless others). Technology is the future, they couldn`t kill us all. Great book though, epecially after you read books that pre-date it.

Esena2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Stop having so much faith in technology... I thought faith was for weak-minded people... O wait...

WhiteLight2719d ago

People believe what they want to believe, I'm christian and I believe in the christian bible because of previous experiences, one can only talk about what they know and not about what they think they know. I don't judge anyone, people who judge others and think they know the real truth are the really weak minded people

Esena2719d ago

Did you just make a judgment on a group of people by calling them weak minded? Yeah? I thought so...

MariaHelFutura2719d ago

That's pretty ironic considering how many millions of people christianity has killed to serve it's purpose. Burning people, throwing them off cliffs. For having a different belief system. The more technology grows christianity is dying and it deserves it. They couldn't kill all of us and you can't fight the future. Good luck.

WhiteLight2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Hey, everything in the bible is happening(the one I'm reading at my church, many diff bibles out there) so... and it said technology would take over so yeah :/. Btw your watching way to many movies & videos of people who say are Christians and are not and making a stereo type. You see few cops doing wrong things and then you think every cop is like that

Esena2719d ago


WhiteLight is right... Don't generalize Christianity to be something some misguided Christians did in the past. That is a logical fallacy in regards to any generalization.

MariaHelFutura2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

1. (in Hinduism and Buddhism) The sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.
2. Destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.

Like I said....Good Luck.

Esena2719d ago

I also wish you good luck...

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dragonyght2719d ago

no studio in their right now days will touch that subject unless they want to be crucify all the way to sunday

Ahasverus2719d ago

I think AC saying Jesus did his miracles with a golden apple was pretty hardcore and yet they are selling milions :P

dragonyght2719d ago

making a reference is different than a actual Bible game

Ahasverus2719d ago

Wow, what a very well written article! I want the purposed King David game right now >.<

Uncharted3Goty2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

the reason i think they dont make any more of these kind of games based on it is because if it isnt a good game it could start a problem and maybe they cant find the right People to make it.

what i basicly mean is what

( arjman just said )

Simco8762719d ago

Darksiders got close with the Four horsemen.

Alot of ideas came from the Bible, but the game doesn't state "Bible Game"

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