Dirt 3 review - 9/10 in OPM

-Computerandvideogames- The UK's Official PlayStation Magazine has delivered its review of Dirt 3 - and it's good news for Codemasters.

The racer is awarded with a 9/10 score in the latest magazine, which says that it "improves on its accomplished predecessor by focusing on the rallying aspect so crucial to past CMR titles... but doesn't shy away from moving the franchise into a new era by introducing the phenomenally entertaining gymkhana element".

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RankFTW3132d ago

Pre ordered my copy of this today. I loved the original Dirt but not so much the second one, hope I enjoy this.


I am getting this game but for my xbox, only because I have a steering wheel for it. Cant wait.

renato3135d ago

This game SMASH Forza and Gran Turismo.



Si-Fly3135d ago

It's a rally game, it'll be great but it's not the same style of driving as in Forza or GT so no point comparing them.

Day one on PC for me.

FishCake9T43135d ago

Cant wait to drive some group B

Grimhammer003135d ago

Had this prepaid off for almost a year! Lol
Dirt 2 a different beast....exceptional. Dirt 3 is going to be epic!