SideQuesting's 16-Bit Week: The Sega Genesis Console Design - The many faces of the Sega Genesis, from early design sketches to failed products like the WonderMega 2.

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MehmetAlperTR3352d ago

Yes :) That was my first console :))

RankFTW3352d ago

Interesting read. My first console was the SNES and I remember the big Sega vs Nintendo war of the era. Some of my mates had Mega Drive and some had SNES, pewpew.

SantistaUSA3352d ago

Yeah I remember that time really well, most of my friends had the Mega Drive, but I ended up buying the SNES, I loved that console!

I also liked Mega Drive, the only thing that I didn't like about it, was the controller, to me it was horrible!

kewlrats3352d ago

We have the counterpart article up for the SNES:

As well as the whole SNES v Genesis console war:

We're running a 16-bit week. :)

RankFTW3352d ago

I read the SNES one already but cheers for the vs article :).

miyamoto3352d ago

The Genesis was built to last mine still works after 20 years ..... playing Gunstar Heroes!!!! The SNES only lasted five years .... the NES one year.... my Sega Saturn still works today

Ravenor3352d ago

I still have my Genesis, even have the Sonic the Hedgehog cartridge and case that came with it. Unfortunately my only controller seems to want to permanently go to the left, I'm sure I can find some way to fix it...I'm just to lazy.

caseh3352d ago

Hah the Genesis MKI with the CD unit that attached underneath was just sexeh!

primesuspect3352d ago

I loved the design aesthetic of the whole Genesis platform, but HATED the controllers.