28 Vapor Games

There are games you like, and there are games you hate. But what everyone forgets is, there are games that no one will never, ever have a chance to play. This feature covers 28 games you'll most likely never get your hands on, but hey, everyone can dream, right? GamerHelp proudly presents, 28 Games You'll Never Get To Play!

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MaximusPrime4019d ago

"new kids on the block"?


Cat4019d ago

and when I was seven, i would have begged for that game. oh, the shame...

MK_Red4019d ago

Superb find and article.

Tattoo Assassins, a fighting game with 200 fatalities!! And Dirty Harry and Next Larry game were cancelled? WTF!??

The most dramatic and tragic one IMO is the Earthworm Jim for PSP. That game could have rocked beyond measure. I still have my Sega Genesis Jim game.
Thirll Kill's cancelation is also shamefull, thanks to stupid and disgusting EA who thought the game was too violent.

Cat4019d ago

thanks, and i'm with you on Earthworm Jim. I also wish Mutant Zombie Flesh Eating Chickens from Mars would be available as a DL! a dog, mutant chickens...sounds like a 10. ;)

MK_Red4019d ago

Agreed with Mutant Zombie Flesh Eating Chickens from Mars. The name is seriously awesome!

Skerj4019d ago

Haha that Shadow game came out, and was horrid. But I have games that were worthy of that list but weren't:

Thornado (n64/Gamecube)
Strident (Xbox)
Duality (Xbox/PC)
Frame City Killer (Xbox 360)
Nomad Soul: Exodus (Dreamcast/PC apparent)
Shenmue III (any damn system WHERE IS IT MAN!?)
Charr The Grimm Fate (PC, the one that hurts my soul more than anything)
Shogo Sequel (PC)
100 Bullets (PS2/Xbox I thought I saw that one somewhere)

There's TONS more but those are the ones I wanted most, Charr was set to be the best MMORPG EVER. Frame City Killer. ..that made me want a 360 in the first place and it got canned :(. Strident and Duality looked freaking AWESOME for the original Xbox and those got canned too.