Xperia Play launches on O2 this June

TVGB: "While there's still no word on the US release of the Xperia Play, the UK is still waiting on the phone's release on one of the more popular networks, O2."

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joeorc3349d ago

this is a very good sign for less delays now.

this will be 3 cellphone networks that it will be released on now. soon to be in the US.

looks like the Playstation Suite along with 1st party Sony Computer Entertainment developer's will be getting out their playstation Mobile 1st party Games soon for the Playstation Suite come fall 2011 well into 2012. So it looks like there will not be any more delays it seems now.

while 3rd party will also getting their games released also the Playstation Suite for 2011 an 2012 looks to be well on it's way also.

now with the S1, an the S2 along with the NGP all having the Playstation Suite also being released for fall 2011. that's a pretty good size mobile platform Sony has going on there for game software sales.

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