140° - Final Fantasy Versus XIII Preview

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is presented as yet another 'son' of Tetsuya Nomura who wants to break away a bit from the linearity of the canonical series, with more freedom. Forget the stereotypical style JRPG, Versus XIII will be an action-RPG with splashes of free-roaming. In addition to the change of genre, and style, there is also a change regarding environmental interactivity, with scenarios that are demolished and altered landscapes by the game events.

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AAACE52719d ago

Hope we finally get anything for this game at E3! It's been a while.

stonecold32718d ago

yep i cant wait for ffvs 13 to be released i wish they would released it early 2012 instead of working on ff13x2iii hopefully will hear more at sony confrence

firetaw2718d ago

a little tire for waiting for this game. the news have been quiet about this one.

stealth500k2718d ago

with type zero basically done and coming out this summer and 13-2 coming out this winter

versus should be coming

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The story is too old to be commented.