15 Games that need to be on Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is magic in a box. It’s uncanny what the handheld can do and is truly a marvel at Nintendo’s willingness to innovate. Check out a list of 15 titles that need to be on the Nintendo 3DS.

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eagle213135d ago

Good picks. I would love a Viewtiful Joe, Earthbound, and DK. I can see Battilion Wars for 3DS or Cafe being announced by Nintendo.

apollo063135d ago

I am really hoping they bring back Battalion wars. I think its an excellent franchise.

Venox20083135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

please, new Viewtiful joe! My one of the best games ever! :) but like 1st and 2nd.. not like DS version (with no fast button) or red hot rumble, those suck.. I would kill for it! :)