Shadowlocked - 5 Reasons Why Brink May Redefine The FPS

Shadowlocked - Brink is arguably one of the biggest releases of the year so far, and while it’s already on sale in the United States, gamers in the UK have to wait until Friday to get their hands on it.

We at Shadowlocked won’t be posting a Brink review until the middle of next week. Why? Because Brink has such a high focus on multiplayer, publishing a review before a sufficient amount of gametime would be unwise - and unprofessional - and, with this added time, it will allow us to intensely examine the latest release. After all, a review is meant to help you make a decision on whether or not to buy the game, and it’d be wrong to publish one that was biased due to our inexperience.

So, while we make you wait for our in depth review, here are five reasons why Brink might redefine the genre.

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gravemaker3133d ago

bad gameplay, crap graphics, shitty animation, no single whatsoever, 2 multiplayer modes

i dont want shit like Brink to redefine anything

luke12345673133d ago

You haven't played the console version yet so how can you make a comment like that? Talk about shouting your mouth off with nothing to back it up.

Joni-Ice3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I played it and I agree with him. Its that crappy. Some people may get past those negative things and see it as a good multiplayer experience. I couldn't get past it though. I had the PS3 version, gave it back to Amazon. When price drops under $25 I will pick-up again to platinum it.

luke12345673133d ago

Well that's fair enough Joni-Ice; but to judge something when you have no fundamental basis to do so is ridiculous.

What did you not like about it then? I'm intrigued...