Battlefield 3:Here's More On Your Trip To Karkand - New Screens

EA drop two new screens revealing the trip back to Karkand

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vgcgames2720d ago

no it works takes a minute because everyones on the page

Uncharted3Goty2720d ago

LOL it find your comment funny hes like broken link and your reply was no it works it takes a minute everyones on the page HAHAHA

Ja555on2720d ago

Try and find another source, cause it really shouldn't take this long to load a page.

BobbyMcCOOL2720d ago

bottle necked the servers should open up soon.

PS360PCROCKS2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )


next time use the source of the actual company. It's on their website

oops lol and I spelled it karkland, haha. my bad.

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