Mass Effect 3 aims to be "best in class" for third-person shooters

OXM UK: "BioWare wants Mass Effect 3 to be the pick of the third-person shooter litter, according to executive producer Casey Hudson."

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Nate-Dog3137d ago

I was hoping it'd be more of an RPG but I dunno, from reading a lot of the non-spoiler articles about ME3 lately it doesn't seem like that's what Bioware want. Oh well, I can still play ME and love it for what it is, I'm still looking forward to ME3 in some sort of way but not in the excited way I wish I was.

Rage_S903137d ago

We'll they did say it was going to be more of an RPG, but i think if they improve both that would be awesome. Although i doubt it will be the pinacle of third persons action, buy hey you never know.....

Active Reload3137d ago

Well they better tighten up that cover system.

afterMoth3137d ago

ME2 is mediocre in terms of combat mechanics so that is quite the bold claim.

Active Reload3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Hmmm, I re-read my comment and it came off some what snobbish. Bioware, what I meant to say was--well, what I've already said--but if you can just make the sliding into cover a "tap button" set-up, then I think you are on the right path. I'm so use to tapping A or X(for UC?) to slide into cover, that going from running to sliding into cover; by continuing holding the sprint button, is AKWARD.

NobleGamer3137d ago

Can't wait for this game...This game


Elders Scroll Skyrim * << especially
Uncharted 3
Zelda Skyward Sword
Battlefield 3
LA Noire

= omdssss!!!

NukaCola3137d ago

All those games you picked come out in nov except for LA Noire. I want you to game all year too buddy.

theonlylolking3137d ago

ME1 and ME2 are both awesome so I expect ME3 will be also.

RedDead3137d ago

I don't think ME has ever been a top third person shooter, atlest, it wouldn't be able to compete with Gears or Uncharted/ This might change with ME3 but the level design is terrible, I often found cover placed in wrong area's and repetitive scenario's, if they can change this then I would welcome the game as a top Tps. If they can't get this down then I would hope they could drop back and pick up the Rpg side of it more.

The Rpg side is a fine replacement if they can't figure out the level design. It's isn't really there fault aswell with the level design, they were once strictly Rpg makers that did not need cover placement correct or anything, but they do with ME if they are taking it in this direction again.

joydestroy3137d ago

yes, i would also like the RPG elements to be more complex and the skill trees to be larger or something

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME3137d ago

when did they say that they'd let down on the rpg elements, bioware did that a tiny bit on dragon age 2 and everybody blew up, i think they learned their lesson, and know that people want the rpg elements to stay, better action will only help tremendously if they don't let up on the rpg elements and i don't think that they will

3137d ago
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dirigiblebill3137d ago

I'm glad to see some of the stats go. Tbh, I quite enjoyed Fable 3's "behind the scenes" approach to stuff like weapon and character development. Wonder what BioWare thinks of that game...

green3137d ago

Why not aim to be the best RPG with a fantastic 3rd person shooter game play features?

WHat is EA doing to Bioware?

TreMillz3137d ago

Nothing, you realize EA doesn't have control of Biowares devs making the game, they're there to support them with websites, packaging, advertisment, etc. what ever is in game is BioWares doing, EA just ask can they have it done by this date basically.

chak_3137d ago

It went to RPG to 3rd p/ shooter.

That's sooo sad.

Ravenor3137d ago

If it retains some leveling/gear progression aspects with the dialogue and story to back it up, AND decent 3rd person action. I really do not see any reason to complain, was the second really a considerably worse game because you didn't have to drive around some barren wasteland? I miss all the gear and a lot of the skill point stuff, but ME2 not having that didn't make it a worse game.

It's not like they're making Uncharted: Shepherds Fortune.

Darkfiber3137d ago

Last Bioware game I am ever getting, just to finish up the story. Fail company is fail. Going the way of Blizzard. Alienating their original fanbase and supporters for some extra cash. Sad.

Shane Kim3137d ago

That's what happens when greedy companies own them. It's not entirely their decision to make wheter they want it this way or another. There is alway a Bobby K up there who wants cash.

krazykombatant3133d ago

Prior to Activision owning them, they alienated the other games like Diablo and Starcraft to feed World of Warcraft.

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