Comparing Xbox 360 and PS3

From a pure hardware standpoint, Dallas Morning News thinks the PS3 is now a better deal than the Xbox 360 Premium.

The larger hard drive, the built-in wireless adapter and the Blu-ray movie player are simply a phenomenal deal for a mere 50 bucks extra.

While Sony made a marketing mistake by hyping backwards compatibility when the PS3 first launched, only to kill the feature with the new unit, they suspect most gamers who buy a new console aren't actually using it to play old PS2 games. So they doubt the feature will be missed much.

But if you're deliberating whether to get a 360 or a PS3, the decision isn't that clear cut.

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N4GayFanturds4109d ago

news. Give it a rest.

BTW; "I suspect most gamers who buy a new console aren't actually using it to play old PS2 games."
Then what are they playing? Cause it sure ain't that many PS3 titles to play.

drtysouf214109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

camp try to come out and report it. This is news its from DALLAS MORNING NEWS. Wow the word NEWS is in the name of the source.

You guys better get used to seeing a lot more positive PS3 stories these days.

I recommend counseling if you can't handle it.

HarryEtTubMan4109d ago

Shut up your lieing... there are plenty of games already out with more coming out by the bus loads starting this month. Get over it... this IS a news article.... it's in a NEWSPAPER, right? Right. Stop crying when things don't go the way u wish they would. Anyone with a very small amount of common sense knows PS3 has WAY more value in it. WAY WAY more. Hundreds of dollars more. Halos Bioshock and Mass effect only appeal to a small base of basically Halo fans. If not, where are last years big 2nd year sales? No where to be found except last month when Halo was finally released and it still onlt managed to sell 400,000 consoles. It's not staying like that very long. Not with the name Xbox on the front and only big Sci fi fantasy shooters. That only appeals to one type of person. Comon how many 20 year old guys actually think Halo and Gears of war is cool... or don't just play it because they like killing each other online. 360 has a limited audience.... Halo 3 is selling to the same audience as the first two Halo games, not much more...I'm trading my 360 and getting a PS3 and are 6 of my friends... and my parents and little brothers are getting one too for their HD'S. Ps3 is here to stay get used to it. You weirdos act like Xbox was the console that sold 250 million+ consoles the last 2 generations. It only ahead by 6 million... a very minute number to the Playstation. The 360 doesn't have a chance. We aren't going to censor the news because your not happy with ur 360 and envy the PS3 because it is better, has better things coming for it,a awesome price now that will probally even drop again and cause even more people the latch onto it. There are still 200 million gamers that haven't choosen a console. Let them deceide. They will know which is best.

sticky doja4109d ago

I wouldn't call this peice positive PS3 news, unless you only read the peices that you decided to take from the story.

Why not put:
"Unless you plan to just use your PS3 as a Blu-ray movie player – and honestly, stand-alone Blu-ray players won't be much cheaper this year – the availability of good, new games is just as important as the price of the hardware.

On that front, the Xbox 360 still has the advantage, at least until 2008."

hardcorehippiez4108d ago

i have to say at the start when i bought my ps3 ther was only 3 games at launch the gave me any interest so i did play my ps2 games on it for a bit.since then i have got 11 games some great some not so bt i dont play ps2 on it anymore . the arguement of having no games for it is wearing thin now as at the end of this month /next month that will be going up by another 4 so to put my collection up to 15. good for 1 year i think so no complaints

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cloud3604109d ago

Well the Ps3 is better deal

Sony lose like $300 now

Where as MS lose $0-50

CrazzyMan4109d ago

Could you prove your 300$ statement?
with FACTS.

if not, then you are just retard fanboy, aren`t you? =)))

Armyless4109d ago

I guess we can just pull random numbers out of our a$$ now?

ruibing4109d ago

Microsoft does have a big overhead. You see when a company manufactures and sells a product, they must put in the cost of the product the warranty and need to refurbish the product, I'm guessing due to the fiasco a few months ago, MS has increased this allowance. And they probably needed to allocate from elsewhere (maybe the new 360s) much higher than expected rate of failure for the old 360s.

In the business world its never just about the costs of the chips and the price you sell the finished goods for, you have to account for everything. So I really wouldn't trust almost any source on this since its most likely part of their managerial finances, which are kept secret for every company, public or not.

CrazzyMan4109d ago

and i wonder, M$ spend 1 bln. $ on repairs, why don`t you count that money? =))
wasn`t it better spend that billion to create a better console, then on repairs? :)

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PimpHandHappy4109d ago

yea yea yea i only own a PS3 at this point in time. I do give the edge to the 360 as far as the games they have the last 3-4months this year. I think the PS3 has had more exclusives the last 4 months of 07 but i do think the 360 has some really good ones and maybe even slighty better. Warhawk with more maps cant be topped.

Bio Shock Mass Effect GPR4 Forza2 and Halo are some really good games. Im lookin 4ward to a Elite price drop and ofcourse the RROD fix that they have started to implament. When i do get my Elite in 4-5 months i will have atleast 3great games im going to buy with it, ME GOW Bio Shock. I think by the time im ready to spend 400+ bucks on the 360 it will have all the goodies (faloconzepher) and be under 400bucks!

Once again Sony proves they are good for gamers. They made MS make those 360 fixs and even made em add HDMI. If your a 360fanboy you cant argue that Sony has made your 360 a better machine just by its release!

good for us gamers

Bloodmask4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

All the features they say are a reason to buy a PS3 aren't even related to gaming.

Bluray functionality = Hi-def movies = Not gaming
WiFi = A way to allow internet access = Not gaming
Hard Drive = Storage = Not gaming

But the article goes on to say if you want game of the year contenders like Bioshock and Mass Effect...Then get a 360 = Gaming..

"Unless you plan to just use your PS3 as a Blu-ray movie player – and honestly, stand-alone Blu-ray players won't be much cheaper this year – the availability of good, new games is just as important as the price of the hardware.

On that front, the Xbox 360 still has the advantage, at least until 2008.

Halo 3, of course, is the main draw, but game of the year contenders like BioShock and Mass Effect are also Xbox exclusives, and older masterpieces such as Dead Rising and Lost Planet also have yet to show up on the PS3.

Plus, Xbox Live remains a much better online experience than Sony's service for the PS3."

drtysouf214109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

You cry all the time about people reporting your stories and censoring news now your doing it you hypocrite.

Report Bloodmask to Admin. You should be banned from this site.

Edit: Hmmm your report is gone either because i called you out on it or admin removed it either way. Your a sad desperate little person.

@ your comment.

Gamers will buy it for gaming.
Home theater enthusiasts will buy it for blu-ray and media capabilities
Someone like me has it for both its a versatile machine that can do many things.

Thats a great thing about the PS3 it can do so many things that many people can purchase it for many different reasons.

And it actually works you don't have to worry about sending it in for repair every couple months.

PS3 = Reliable Versatile Hardware

360 = Unreliable Gaming Hardware

Wii = Reilable Low Priced Hardware

Only someone desperate makes fun of the reasons people buy things fact is its still selling regardless and will sell even more with the lower priced 40GB.

gamehendge4109d ago

bloodmask, your spin machine is overheating...

Imalwaysright4109d ago

"But the article goes on to say if you want game of the year contenders like Bioshock and Mass Effect...Then get a 360 = Gaming.."

This is an hardware comparison not a software comparison.


the game format are on blu-ray, wi-fi to access internet. hdd drive 2 saves games. so if u don't own a ps3 stop talking sh1t and please stop all the sh1t about the sys have no game cause we do have games, back in 2006 when the dumbox360 came out a yr early the sys had no game and of course they got games now the sys is 2 yrs old, when the beast(ps3) is only 11 months old, oh and the multiples sku's that sony do have is less than the dumbox360(core,premiun,elite,t hehalo3 edetion,the arcade core) 5 sku's from ms and nobody talks sh1t about got 20gb(gamestop)40gb,60gb,80gb and every [email protected] news website and everybody in the worlds talk sh1t about whats sony is doing but they don't talk sh1t about a sys that u buy and die in less than 3 weeks. so media, ms fanboys, blogers and every website that's talking sh1t about the multi sku from sony can kiss my @ss if u don't like it then don't buy it. and @uck EA SPORTS. 2K IS BETTER

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PimpHandHappy4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

#1 this is news u silly bastard! It is from a news source and not some fanboy blog!

#2 Your memory is selective i see. Go look at news post about your 360 when it launched! MS themselfs told you all they where losing 100-150 bucks a system. Sony said the same thing on launch. And the cold hard fact is Mr CLoud360 MS gaming division has lost 3.9BILLION since its luanch two years ago. Thats a FACT. Now go do some math and see what that is per system sold.

Willio4108d ago

Does the 3.9 billion include repairs for the red ring of death?

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