Rumor: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Perks, Weapons & Maps Leaked

With a reveal which will hopefully come soon a lot of you may be wondering what kind of features MW3 could offer. Our source was very brief with some of the information and we only managed to get some key details to what people may find important in Modern Warfare 3. Perks, Maps & Guns where revealed


As previously reported , 5 perks were available in testing but it turns out that Scavenger and Revelations are the same thing. According to our source Scavenger has been renamed to Revelations. Also our source was involved in one of the first test of MW3, so yes this information is subject to change come launch.

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geez. everyone can make an article claiming they got sources giving them juicy info. ''our source claims''... it reminds me of kids, i heard that guy say something about that guy and this guy says something about this guy... come on

Solid_Snake-2717d ago

lol true. i remember a rumour that modern warfare 2 would have iraqi zombies with saddam hussein as the end boss.

AAACE52717d ago

If any of that is true, the game will be a fast paced actionfest and will give CoD haters more to hate!

Well, i'm still on board!

X-DominusRebellis-X2717d ago

How did they apparently "only manage to get a few details". If they were a credible source or professional, they would have either recorded the interview or wrote the answers down. No professional asks a question and only records a few details of an answer. These guys are full of yesterdays breakfast aka poop!

HSx92717d ago

ROFL these perks are so fake... did these guys even try to make their rumor seem realistic?

Areeb112717d ago

I hoep Lifeline is not second chance.. sure sounds like a 'last stand' prone name.

KidBroSweets22717d ago

I'm a HUGE Modern Warfare fan and I think this "source" is absosolutely full of it. First off, an unknown name and it doesn't even say what company this "source" works for. It just sounds like a bunch of bolagna.

showtimefolks2717d ago

both BF3 and MW3 will have huge advertisement budgets. hardcore gamers most likely will choose BF3 and the casuals who use to choose COD series when they see the advertisement for MF3 some of them will also switch

my point being this will be the first time in a long time 2 GIANT franchises will come out around the same time with over 100million in advertisement budget

so if either franchise is not up to par it will suffer a lot

any news on whether MW3 will use a new engine?

homefront MP perks on the fly is a great idea i hope more fps games will use those kind of things for fps MP

which game do you think will be better?

and do you think given the same advertisement budget BF3 can outsell MW3?

sleepy32717d ago

I'm definitely picing up BF3. Going to get a new PC just to run it. Well....i need a a new PC anyway so it just comes out at a handy time, lol.

But i will most likely also pick up MW3. For those times when i want mindless run and gin action.

Both games have their purpose. I'm just worried about how long it will take me to get int the groove of mouse and keyboard after so many years of using sticks.

damnyouretall2716d ago

i want bf3 to be honest. i only liked and bought iw's cod games. and cod just feels plastic now. in the long run bf3 could outsell mw3, but not first week or even the first few months. but if youre a fan of fps or military games you will eventually play both and choose the superior game that is bf3. are you going to put faith in an unproven cod developer? theyre learning the ropes from treyarch and that sucks for cod cause imo they never had that iw feel to their games.

xtremeimport2716d ago

idk whats worse, having all the main topics be about PSN being down, or about another COD game.

Mizz_mai2716d ago

Im really trying to care about this game,,,,,like really

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GamingBuzz2717d ago

^^ If only this had IGN before the .com , it would be official!! -__- agreed anyone can make up an article but Wouldn't I make up a shit load of more details if this was fabricated? Thus, why its dubbed RUMOR

HardCover2717d ago

"Wouldn't I make up a shit load of more details if this was fabricated?"

If you don't want to be believed, sure. People keep things vague for a reason. Just look at the past couple centuries of astrology.

DeFFeR2717d ago

Everyone knows IGN - this is the first time I've heard of "gamingbuzz" and I'm supposed to believe your source?

And I'll probably get a ton of disagrees for being the grammar nazi - but then again, the mistakes aren't from a commenter, but rather the [previously unheard of] gaming site trying to convince me that they have "sources" on one of the AAA titles coming out this fall? I know I'm not 100% the target demographic for N4G (fanboys), but grammar and the professionalism of the site means A LOT to me if I'm going to believe a word on my screen.

Droid Control2717d ago

Get ready to start paying Activision for online CODNUTS

DeFFeR2716d ago

is that the currency they are going to create to confuse the dumb kiddos into paying more than what they think? (Think MS Points... I know the system, but you'd think 1=1 if you were new to the scene...)

kbexp2717d ago

Sweet now n4g is going to be spammed with mw3 "news". Atleast this is something to read until psn is back.

HardCover2717d ago

So go to a different site for a while.

N4G isn't all that's out there.

Mr PS32717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Sounds like it could pass for DLC for any CoD Game