GC 2006 HD Trailer of Heavenly Sword

Here is the HD trailer of Heavenly Sword from GC. I hope you enjoy it.

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rj815872d ago

Sony does this type of game well.

T-Rac5872d ago

ZT, can you try to add an image to your articles and also change the article type to trailers and screenshots for screenies

would be appreciated!

DJ5872d ago

The GC trailer is actually just the E3 06 trailer. It was nice to see it in HD though. All of it was realtime too which is awesome. The amount of detail put into Andy Serkis's character is pretty staggering, and the quality of the animation was definitely top notch. I downloaded the source video of him getting filmed in black tights and dozens of dots all over his face and body. It was kinda bizarre and funny watching him act all dramatic with his wooden chair and empty room, but the in-game graphics bring it all into perspective. =]

JIN KAZAMA 1875872d ago

you how talented of an actor her is. He literally created the scene in his head, but was just sittign in an empty room. Thats pretty cool.

Microsoft Master5872d ago

if you like watching paint dry.

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