Duke Nukem’s Slappers

Debbie Timmins of The Average Gamer talks about the real issue with Duke Nukem's Capture The Babe mode:

"In this first-person viewpoint, you see the woman’s hand in front of your face, you push a button, Duke’s hand moves, there’s a smacking sound, a pleasurable female sex noise and the woman’s hand moves away. It makes no sense whatsoever. If we hadn’t been told by a magazine that she was being slapped, nobody would have talked about this."

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Blaine3132d ago

Honestly, it's Duke... You couldn't find a better example to demonstrate the saying that "There's no such thing as bad publicity". Which is probably why Fox isn't up in arms about this game yet! Can't bring the Duke down!

coolfool3132d ago

She has an interesting take on the whole Duke sexism discussion. She is a feminist (not sure if she'd describe herself as that) but she has her own view on sexism appears in the gaming media and doesn't follow the general convention.