Sony To Consider the Success of 3D Gaming on the PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment’s Vice President Mick Hocking will reveal whether it’s a happy first birthday for 3D gaming on PlayStation 3 during a keynote presentation at the Develop Conference in Brighton

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Cardenjs3139d ago

Id only approve keeping 3D an Option at this point. Same with Motion Control

yen8883139d ago

Agreed, it just costs too much at the moment

darthv723138d ago

Sony owns movie studios like Columbia and Tristar who can make movies in 3D. They are also a hardware maker that makes tv's and players that support 3d.

They also have studios that make games that support 3d. If anything...3d is a sony thing. It doesnt have to be the norm for others. This could be the thing that makes the ps3 stand out from the rest.

There is no standard that says that if you make a game console, it has to be the same as the others nor do they have to have the same features as yours.

3d can survive outside of the mainstream simply by being the "IT" thing for sony. Much like MS had the chance to keep hddvd going strictly for games when the format was abandoned by movie companies. Not taking the right risks at the right time can cost you dearly.

Sony is taking the risk on 3d and if it fails to catch on outside of "Sony" then so be it. They can still use it to their own accord. They are big enough to have their own rules to play by.

50Terabytespersec3138d ago

yes that is rather well said,
3D and motion control often times are gimmicks as well as a great way to break in tech and stimulate cash for further refinement and investments into future advances in more and better tech that is years in the future.
But I do appreciate early adopters with money to spend or naivety to spare on these less than perfect devices.
As their early adoption of technology (one which is still gimmicky) has its purpose to help in the growth of its future.
As you see Wii was a gimmick and rather most people played it as a party device or for just physical experimentation, this is the same with motion devices on all systems (i see friends rather bore fast of the gimmicky experience and quickly dive back into an actual controller based game)..
They tend to be a far cry from what the future holds.
I'm speaking of Glass-less 3D where the depth of the picture goes deep into the TV itself or is projected in hologrpahics?
Or where motion control is on a deck that moves with you and you are surrounded by motion detection and images in 3d.
But for now you get perhaps 5-15 percent of that actual effect.
I did actually appreciate the Sega LCD 3d glasses back in those days LOL.
have a great one Guys!

Emilio_Estevez3139d ago

I think the people who have it def like it, but the uptake leaves a lot to be desired. If I had the $$ I would take the plunge for sure.

DavidBaller3138d ago

The whole 3D movement us expensive.. I think games are cheaper then tv though as you oint need to buy tons of glasses!

Sevir043138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

YOucan get 3d tv's right now for between $500-$900 in some states that can be from anywhere from 32in to 50in

In florida! brands mart is having a sale on LG's 3d plasma HDTV's for 799 after a $200 instant rebate with 2 free glass. valued at over $1200. vizio just launched their 3d line with 32in for $550, or 46 for $700 or 52in for $1000. and each of those come with 1 pair of 3d glasses! Most of you are looking at the High end Sony or Samsung brands which are good but really Some others are just as good and even better for cheaper! I'm no subject matter expert but i do take pride in knowing how to shop smartly.

If people would just take the time and look around you'll find bargains all the time and walk away with quality to boot.

B1663r3138d ago

Um, here in the us, only 45% of the population works. That means for 55% of the population $800 is a huge hunk of change... It is like half of your monthly SS check if you are a typical retiree.

Sevir043138d ago

I live in the US!, I'm just saying that those who are working but clearly bashing something because they don't shop smartly should really do their research on something they may covet!

metsgaming3138d ago

yea i saw a big samsung for like $700 ! I think they are worried about people waiting for the glassless so they are dropping the prices.

Sevir043138d ago

Its too expensive to put out Glasses less at that size! the tech while it has matured isn't perfect yet for big screen usage! the next step for this tech is going from Active to passive stereoscopic 3d. LG being the first is making Passive 3d TV's a reality with the Cinema 3d, The only thing is is that since it's newer it's a bit more expensive but in a year or so it'll be in affordable price range! whats so good about the passive is that the glasses cost $10-$20 or you can use the 3d glasses from what you get at Imax or Real-D movie theater! I personally cant wait because I've shelled out over $400 on the active glasses! just to have it ready for mass entertainment at my pad!

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DavidBaller3138d ago

He's from Sony.. Of course it will be happy.

Emilio_Estevez3138d ago

The glass is always half full in their eyes...I like that.

Redempteur3138d ago

before moving to a 3D equipement , i've started by gathering game with 3d options ( same with bluray ) to have something to watch if i decide to get a 3D équipment , so far, wipeout HD, GT5 , virtua tennis , super star dust HD and the list is growing ...

HOSe3138d ago

i wish i could game in 3d. gt5, and motorstorm would be sick... maybe in a couple years when ps4 comes out

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