First Image of Starhawk surfaced?

The GTTV Promo Trailer promises a first Look at the next PS3 exclusive with the first ever Gameplay Footage. This is probably Starhawk. The Trailer shows also a Image in the first seconds that is maybe captured from the Game. The Man behind the blurry Effect is Dylan Jobe from Lightbox Interactive.

Solo Capture from the Image through the Credit URL.

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rajman2809d ago

When I first saw that preview I too thought if that couple of seconds was Starhawk...but doubt they would show any footage before Friday, its likely another game and they put it there to keep us guessing xD

bart9992809d ago

yeah I'm thinking that we're getting jerked around

ajeben8092809d ago

Its got to be starhawk, the blurred developer is Dylan Jobe. I know this because you can see the freckle on his neck, and here's a non blurred picture of Jobe. Notice the freckle...

HolyOrangeCows2808d ago

Nice catch. I knew the face looked familiar, even blurred (shape, hair, etc).

SynysteR2809d ago

That first couple of seconds was last years Medal Of Honour during the mission in the mountains with the sniper rifle.

ajeben8092809d ago

Link if you can please.

ajeben8092809d ago

Nevermind I found a clip and you are correct. I guess we are still in the dark about Jobe's next game.

Ninver2809d ago

My body is full of anticipation. Like a dude fresh outta the joint, i swear i'm gone tear this game apart. Can't wait for friday.

TheOneWhoKillsYou2809d ago

I'm legit excited for Starhawk. I love Warhawk, so I hope this doesnt bring dissapoint.

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The story is too old to be commented.