Gizmodo Vs Kotaku: Why Isn’t Microsoft Beating Sony With Its Own Failure?

Gizmodo: Sony’s PlayStation Network has already been down for almost four weeks already, to the frustration of gameras around the globe. But why hasn’t Microsoft taken advantage of the ill-will currently targeted at the Japanese giant? I debate this very issue with Mark “McLeod” Serrels from Kotaku…

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iamnsuperman3135d ago

Well Microsoft can't be cocky because the hackers could turn on them. I think what Microsoft is doing is right. Free weekend is good and this is a subtle way of making people come onto Live. The can't openly bad mouth PSN because they are opening themselves for egocentric hackers to hack them. Microsoft knows there security is better but its not perfect and doesn't want to be in the same position as Sony. Doing it subtle is cleaver and a great advertising tool without becoming a target

Rhythmattic3135d ago

Oh dear.. Short term memory ay?

How about Kokatu/Gizmodo VS N4G

iamnsuperman3135d ago

That was so annoying and an inconvenience

GrieverSoul3135d ago

I agree with you! Sony are the target now and MicroSoft always left the hackers alone even when they attacked LIVE in 2007. If they mock Sony, then the attention might shift and MicroSoft can be targeted.

Microsoft gained my respect by not mocking or for clearly and blantantly taking advantange from this PSN downtime.

green3135d ago


Who attacked and when was XBL attacked in 2007?

Active Reload3135d ago

If you REALLY offer the better service, there isn't any need to kick a dog when it's down.

X2theG3134d ago

I thought you would have linked to this:

and this:

MS did offer a sweet deal (thats still going on!) for gamers. Some were able to capitalize on it!!

SuperLupe3134d ago

Live never got attacked. At xmas 2007 some people were having problems logging in because of a major afflux of new Live members. Lets just say the service had a traffic jam.

It wasnt even CLOSE to what is happening with PSN right now.

But to make Sony look better Sony fanboys on this site have LITERALLY MADE UP a so called Live hacker attack once upon a time in 2007. They are simply re-writing History for the love of Sony.

GrieverSoul3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

@ all above

No one is making rumors about LIVE being hacked. I saw a post here where a guy had a link to an article related to LIVE being offline for 2 days. In that period some people speculated hackers were behind it.

Still, if it was true, then more Kudos to MicroSoft for solving those issues in just 2 days. Sony has been 20+ days offline and no specific date to when it will be on. 31st is the date on every game site but some Sony representives have dismissed that saying that 31st is the date when ALL of SONY´s services will be back.

Fanboys roam free here! Everyone can say what they want here. You like Xbox? Good for you! You like PS3? good for you too! But the fact that LIVE is online right now doesnt hide the fact that if it went down, then the situation would be much worse since you pay for it.

Edit: About some PMs I got, just one thing:
Live is online and PSN isnt! You win ok? Still, dont make like its the best service in the world. jtag consoles were able to play in LIVE for a long time. At least Sony was able to get rid of hacked consoles to ever going online.

Dread3134d ago


you forgot the tiny fact that personal data was stolen from the PSN users.
The situation is much worse. And that alleged 2007 mythological hacker attack that all the sony fanboys are screaming about was a simple disruption of service that only affected some xbox live users. They are two very different things.

AAACE53134d ago

MS are probably worried about making sure an attack of that magnitude doesn't hit XBL! And more importantly getting ready for E3 and working on the next Xbox.

kneon3134d ago


Individual live accounts have been hacked numerous times, including Major Nelson if I recall. But it's not on the same scale as the PSN hack.

Fixing PSN shouldn't have taken more than a few days, a week tops with the forensic investigating slowing things down. But Sony aren't just applying a few patches, they said they are moving the whole data center to a new physical location and probably re-architecting and re-writing things along the way.

So there is no telling how long it could take. But with the network down I hope their programmers are taking advantage of this golden opportunity. Often you run into limitations in the changes you can make to a live network. With everything down and no users online they can change anything they want.

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Peppino73135d ago

I'm 100% sure that at E3 they will make some sort of jab at how xbox live is the reliable online experience. That's a good strategy to capitalize on this situation,especially when EVERYONE is watching.

Wobbuffet3134d ago

Yeah probably, also i didn't click the article, i won't give kotaku/Gizmondo hits.

Some of the biggest troll journalists this side of destructoid!

pixelsword3134d ago

@ peppino;

Not if Sony beats them to the punch; and if they're smart, they will...

BubbleSniper3135d ago

Microsoft is about to spend over Eight Billion Dollars for Skype.

They are a little busy at the moment.

SixShotCop3134d ago

The things i could do with eight billion dollars. A year vacation on a beach would be my first expense.

r1sh123135d ago

Its true, I think as a business they could have jumped on the bandwagon at taking shots at Sony, but ethically speaking Sony didnt mention the RROD them selves.
So its probably got more to do with ethics a level of respect for the competition,
even if a short term promo deal is created it will only be a short term surge in sales. Just allow the media and public opinion do the decision making.
They dont need to go on a public offensive, just carry on and make improvements to their own system.

cochise3133134d ago

Yeah i think you're right. If MS did that, that would really be a lack of class. I don't think they would stoop that low. I believe they have a common respect for each other.

kikizoo3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Gizmodo and kotaku, lol, the xbots brothers associated :)

and an other here : "Sony are on their knees right now, why not put the boot in?


Lol, someone is forgetting consoles, hardware sold, and most of all : exclusives (and graphics, and best motion controler, etc) just because the psn is down for 2 weeks....desperate/denial ?

supremacy3135d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

The thing is ms can try and kick Sony while they are down now.

But come e3 you better believe Sony's message will be how much better and secured their FREE network is.

Aside from that they also have a slew of exclusives of which they've yet to reveal and the floor coverage to back it.

Regardless of the situation it wouldn't be wise for MS to start talking about something they are probably negleting to do, such as, offer a premiun service for free.

I am sure one gets what they pay for, but i am also sure that if any company goes through what Sony is going through. They will too try to entice costumers and offer what others are paying for at a competitive price point or no cost.
So...again you coupled that with the said line up and as a gamer you find yourself back on the ropes with Sony.

Lets not forget Sony has other toys to display at the show such as the ngp and such.

As far as the rest of the e3 stories are concerned i am sure they will be focused Nintendo and their new platform.

Japan despite this still favors Sony and so does a good chunk of the grandturismo loving nation that is Europe.

I say go ahead take a shot, make Sony wake up and track your every move and mimic your offers for less. Because when a product is down, thats what happens.

I say if you play with fire chances are you'll get burn.

FamilyGuy3135d ago

3 weeks, today = "almost 4 weeks"?

iDotDotDot3135d ago

That's what I said.

They always blow things out of proportion to get a buzz

Solidus187-SCMilk3134d ago

that actually has nothing to so with PSN going down.

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Alos883135d ago

Because they're above that... at least, I hope so.

awiseman3134d ago

I wonder wuy you have disagrees, wow this site annoys me sometimes. Its as if the sony fanboys WANT MS TO GLOAT so they can troll about it. Sad

Mister_G3135d ago

They're checking their system security and once happy they'll start been more vocal.

Droid Control3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

M$ should have gone for the knockout blow. Sony are on their knees right now, why not put the boot in?


I doubt M$ are worried about hackers. XBOX LIVE is a closed and far more secure network that the frankly amateurish PSN was.

I pitty the fool who would waste his time trying to hack the king of online networks.

KonaBro3135d ago

for your blatant and obvious trolling. Please go to bed and let the adults talk, ok sport?

Karooo3135d ago

pathetic how can a gamer even think about that.

Due to being an open network psn got steam.

macky3013135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

LOL! xbots are delirious and plain retarded.

Only one MS is knocking out is them selves, since they have less and less quality software on their system every year.

Senden3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

I love this site.. just because this person is an xbox owner and you disagree with his point then that makes him a troll.

Microsoft probably sympathize somewhat and kicking a company while it's down due to semi malicious hackers might be a line even they won't cross. However I doubt they fear the hackers.. Microsoft are probably far more security concious than Sony were and I think only an idiot would dare try to hack the big Ms network it in theory should be like trying to hack a government computer in the sense that while not impossible, you'd be far more likely to get caught.

dragon823134d ago

No, he is a troll because he is a troll. It has nothign to do with the other people on this site.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3134d ago

If you want kiddie games and one corporation ruling the gaming industry, good for you. Most of us live in a reality where COMPETITION IS GOOD.

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Kran3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

In a sense, MS and Sony aren't enemies by choice.

When they try to avoid conflict, that's what they do, which is great. For now, yes a free weekend was great for XBL (even though they always do free weekends when a CoD DLC comes out...) as it gives those who own both consoles who are waiting for PSN to come back up to use XBL, which is one reason why owning both consoles is a great idea and would recommend it. Forget what anybody else might say, whether they be a 360 fanboy or PS3 fanboy. Being an inbetweener is the way to go. There'll barely be a time when both XBL and the PSN will screw up at the exact same time.

AceofStaves3134d ago

They're not enemies at all. MS operating systems come pre-installed on Sony laptops, for example. Despite the raging hatred against the 'enemy camp' that some gamers have, the companies themselves sometimes work together and sometimes compete against each other.

It's just business to them - and to those of us who aren't emotionally invested in the so-called 'console battle.'

krazykombatant3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

well said, you gain bubbles. Which by looking at yours you might need some.

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