Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PC Hands-On Preview

Gaming Target gets some hands-on time with the latest Call of Duty before the game's November 5 release. They sum it up like this: "The latest Call of Duty will offer the same intensity, the same attention to detail and the same great set-piece battles the series has always offered. If you liked the first games despite their flaws, this one looks like it will be a must-buy. If the multiplayer lives up to the old games reputation while also living up to the new one's promise, well then this is a must-buy. Okay, so maybe this one is really turning out to be a must-buy no matter what."

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mighty_douche4019d ago

..this is a must buy for me! great game.

Noodlecup4019d ago

I'll be getting it for PC also, I just wish they'd take some of the console-idiot's features out i.e. regenerating health system

Iceman100x4019d ago

The game is perfect there's nothing else to say, and the pc is the only buy if you want actual control.