Google announces Android OS 3.1, works with 360/PS3 controllers

Google has just announced Android OS 3.1 and brings with it a range of improvements and refinements, such as letting you take advantage of a "ridiculous" number of USB devices, even including Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers. It's a nerd's wildest emulators dream comes true.

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xc7x2772d ago

that will be big profit for Sony,as ya know tons of Android users will plan to get Sony's Playstation Suite app and that'll likely be compatible with their controllers.

BubbleSniper2772d ago

More and more Sony + Google information is trickling out.

I am really interested in knowing what their future plans are in thorough detail.

bnaughty2772d ago

wow, can we install android on our PS3 too, ahahaha, im just kidding! :)

Soldierone2772d ago

WTF! We Cant! now im hacking Sony and bringing down PSN! MY DOS ATTACKS START TOMORROW! This is what happens when you take away my Android on PS3!!!!

lol sarcasm

KingPin2772d ago

you joke about it now, but i just had a thought now reading your comment. the hackers are fussing over sony removing one feature <other OS> and they bitch and moan saying sony took away features they paid for. but when sony keeps updating firmware and giving them new features like 3D support and stuff, they dont complain. those are features they didnt pay for. if sony left them with what they paid for, theyl still nag and say sony isnt supporting their console. lol

makes you wonder......will hackers ever be happy? i highly doubt it!!

Vitalogy2772d ago

@KingPin hackers will always find something pick with no matter what. If sony re-added otheros again, those kids would start wining for something else it's in their nature, they didn't had enough attention when little (not that they're grown ups now LOL) and this is their way to claim some.

Who2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

@ bnaughty

Well this is awkward. lol.

edhe2772d ago

If you still had OtherOS then yes, you probably could have installed the linux derivative OS android - and probably upgraded it to be like the googleTV honeycomb 3.1 variant designed for tellies also.

Pretty cool idea that, otherOS.

SolidStoner2772d ago

nice, Im sick from using my PS3 controler on PC.. they are such a pain to connect.

Viper72772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Tried using the MotioninJoy driver? works pretty well with that, especially if you are using the emulate X360 controller (oddly some games seem to require this)

chidesd2772d ago

I dont get it a PS3 controller would prolly connect to my tab or phone via bluetooth but hows the 360 controller going to connect?

kharma452772d ago

I'd presume only the wired ones will be supported.

Sheddi2772d ago

Dont know...maybe u'll have to use the wire.

chidesd2772d ago

360 uses usb doesnt it smart phones dont have usb ports only micro and mini ports

Sheddi2771d ago

I bet there are some converters out there for USB to Micro usb :P

Rashonality2772d ago

at last, a move that really improves gaming on tablets, that virtual analog crap is an insult.

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