Just another zombie game?

The gaming market has quite a few zombie games at the moment, so is there room for another one?

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Timesplitter142717d ago

Well I agree that there's way too many zombie games but how did this forum post get approved?

soundslike2717d ago

There's always room for good games. Genre is irrelevant

Can't tell if this game is good though.

e-p-ayeaH2717d ago

haha John St John is voicing this game :D

Imp0ssibl32717d ago

This game looks really cool, its like a mix of TF2 and Plants vs Zombies, what's not to like?
Really wanna give this game a try, not sure if I would buy it tho... need to see more.

Oldman1002717d ago

Sandvich! Om nom nom nom.

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