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Kain812715d ago

Finaly, the wait has an end!!!
hope Tales of Vesperia will be announced too

CraigUK2715d ago

I know right, been waiting a while for a tales game to come out over here, I don't really care about vesperia as I have the 360 one, id rather they put their effort into a bringing over xillia or something

Xof2715d ago

I agree. Vesperia was good enough, but I'd rather see something new.

Here's hoping it's Q1.

Misterhbk2715d ago

Finally! Can't wait for this. This goes straight onto the list of 2012 games with the Last Guardian.

jc485732715d ago

I'm really happy, but...if they are going to make us wait, why don't they just bring Vesperia??

Neckbear2715d ago


Well, hell. At least I won't be drowning in games when the time comes.

Senden2715d ago

Good news! I really enjoyed tales of vesperia! Not really checked out any info on this as I thought it wasn't getting an EU release but the guy in the picture for this article looks just like Kira from Gundam Seed.. literally right down to the colours.

Ravage272715d ago

was expecting to get it this year but oh well...2011 is packed anyway.

Inception2715d ago

what the...?
for god sakes namco! can you give graces f localization to xseed or atlus?!
why you must need one year just to localize this thing?!

Redempteur2715d ago

i'm not sure i'd want xseed working on tales of graces ... i kinda want a accurate translation

Inception2715d ago

do you already play legend of heroes: trails in the sky (PSP ver)? or Ys Oath of Felghana (PSP ver)? xseed translatation mostly accurate and perfect. but if not xseed who do the translation than we still have atlus.

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