MW3Blog: First Details of MW3

CarlosX360 Writes: "In the last 12 hours, we've seen a lot of information floating around, and so, MW3Blog breaks down each information and compresses them into an article that everyone can understand without being confused. All that's left; Is the new Call of Duty either Project Colossus, or Modern Warfare 3? Officially?"

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crematory3137d ago

i just cant understand how an old fucking 10 years engine can
do destructible environments!

retrofly3137d ago

easy there tiger, the engine is only 4 years old. And its built for stability, side by side its looks better than BF:BC's engine, but BF:BC's scale is much bigger and has destruction, but its still clearer and crisper.

COD's engine is designed to run at 60FPS on console hardware, I doubt there is much they can do until a new console is released.

Will be good to see BF3's engine on the console to see what they can squeeze out, but I bet you it wont run at 60FPS.

Adding damage modling to COD's engine wouldnt be difficult, espeically if they've had 2 years to work on it, it all depends on if they can keep up the 60FPS perforamce.

Nitrowolf23137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

It uses an upgraded Quake engine, so yeah pretty much its old. It's just been upgraded with better graphics and physics overtime.

4 years?


Black ops is based off a modified world at war engine, which is also based off cod COD4. And if you didn't know, COD4 engine is COD2 and this engine is based on Quake engine, which released in 1996.

it's literally 15 years old engine thats been heavily modified over time.


seriously it's gonna take a lot of work to get COD on the same level of damage as BF games.

retrofly3136d ago

Still one of the best looking games on the xbox, maybe the xbox can't cope with better graphics and still run at 60FPS.

There are brand new games with new engines that look shitter.

The unreal engine was created in 2009, are you saying GOW3 which uses an upgraded engine is shit becuase its 12 years old?

Do me a favour.

Trunkz Jr3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

BF3 > MW3

Show us a new engine, and I'll show you new respect.

Solid_Snake-3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

its about 15/16 years old as far as i know activision still use the QUAKE engine.

theEx1Le3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I don't know why you got disagrees, its a heavily modified I.d tech 3 engine. Just to put that into perspective, I.D have released several engines after this and one of the games they last used it was in quake 3.

SynysteR3137d ago

I bet they had a right old giggle in the DICE studios.

retrofly3137d ago

Really? Developers arn't fanboys, they more than likely respect eachothers work, instead of rag on it all the time like the kids on N4G.

SynysteR3137d ago

And EA & DICE haven't been ragging on it at all then? My mistake then, I guess they haven't been talking trash over the past 2 years with their mission to dethrone COD and regain it themselves, Just saying.

retrofly3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Really, I havn't really noticed any of that. And them talking of de-throing COD, must mean they see COD in a good position and want to be better than them, thats them wanting to be the best, essentialy saying at the moment COD are the most successful but they want to be better.

Sounds like a compliment to me.

Septic3137d ago

"Really? Developers arn't fanboys, they more than likely respect eachothers work, instead of rag on it all the time like the kids on N4G."

Really? So what do you call what EPIC games were doing with the Bulletstorm adverts where they ridiculued COD and even went to the extent of making a mini game doing the same? What about the developers behind inFamous and their various jibes at other games?

Hopefully you've learnt a lesson about making sweeping generalisations.

retrofly3137d ago

Its more tounge in cheek, the fact they acknowlege another game shows that it must see it in some higher stature, otherwise they wouldn't mention it.

If anything it's just pandering to the kids on N4G.

If anything the dev's dont come up with this stuff anyway, more likely the PR and marketing guys.

Im pretty sure if you sat down with the actual developers they would tell you they actually repect COD, maybe enjoy playing it.

Anyone in the industry can see how successful the COD series has ben and how much money it's made, and they will respect that. They arn't fanboys dicking about on a forum like most of the kids here.

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GrumpyVeteran3137d ago

I knew the next COD would be infested with micro-transactions.

BIGBOSS083137d ago

we dont need first details. most of us have already played modern warfare 3. just play any of the past 2-3 cod's. its the same thing.

Septic3137d ago

As much as I despise the idea of these additional micro-transactions, this could be a VERY clever move on the part of Activision. If you observe the number of people who bought additional content for the Battlefield Heroes game( the old cartoony one)and consider how popular the COD franchise is, these so-called 'micro-transactions' will be be making MEGA-bucks for Activision.

Whether they deserve it or not however, is an altogether different matter.

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