Five Things We Learned From Guitar Hero

JD: The different incarnations of the Guitar Hero franchise offered gamers the chance to experience all the glory of rockstardom -- the cheering fans, the thumping amplifiers, and the strange, terrible sense of emptiness after seducing the umpteenth groupie. This last one is, we can only assume, in a downloadable content package that has yet to be released.

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sikbeta3130d ago

Just one: Milked to death...

Kee3130d ago

Guitar hero got me interested in playing the real guitar (which is way better) so I thank it for that.
It took some time but I've eventually gotten pretty good at it now.
So... yeah. Guitar hero for the win, surprisingly.

nevin13130d ago


The Guitar Hero franchise wouldn't probably be a billion dollar franchise if Activision didn't milk it. releasing 1 Guitar Hero game every other year could have resulted people not caring. Both Activision and EA(Rock Band) had to make as much money as they can. judging by Guitar Hero:Warriors Of Rock and Rock Band 3, its over.

maverick403130d ago

That you can never replace real instruments and real friends.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3130d ago


Lol it wasn't meant too hence the two player modes and band mode -_____- But much like i said in my rant above if anyone threw away they're real instruments when they first heard of Guitar Hero and for some strange reason decided to replace they're REAL friends with Johnny Napalm and Judy Nails.... Then i feel sorry for ya and all hope is lost, you just gave God another reason of why 2012 is a good idea :D

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